General information

Research work at the chair is on the general theme: "Actual problems of ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history of foreign countries." The department conducts research work in studying the problems of historical links East and West, from the era of the Great Migration in the IV-V centuries. Special attention is paid to the history of the Hun powers in Europe and Eurasia, and the problems of Eurasia, and the social and political processes in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, the social and political history of the CIS countries in the recent period. In the study of the ancient and medieval period, sources involved in Latin, using the latest data from archeology, ethnology, linguistics, anthropology, as well as interdisciplinary research. In the study of the problems of social and political history of the region are used archival and statistical sources, materials and other international organizations are also more in-depth study of sources and historiography of Kazakhstan, the theoretical aspects and new methods of work of librarianship.

The chair as the center of training specialists of high qualification in RK in World history assisted scientific-methodical aid to many universities of Kazakhstan (Eurasian, Turkestan, Aktyubinsk, East-Kazakhstan, Semipalatinsk, Karaganda, Kyzylorda, South-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and other universities). K.T. Zhumagulov's scientific achievements were often marked with international grants. In 1997, and 1999 by the invitation of Germany he worked as a professor at Georg-August Gottingen University, had lectures and presentations in German on the problems of “the West and the East in world history". In 2003-2004 he was a visiting professor at the University of Bielefeld in 2007/08, Tubingen, in 2009-12, in the Westphalia Wilhelm University in Germany, where they read a series of lectures on the problems of "The integration of East and West in world history."

Prof. Zhumagulov K.T. had the lecture to professors, masters, students and researchers of the Institute of Ancient and Medieval Archaeology of the University of Tubingen. Germany, July 12, 2007

In 2009, the teachers of the Chair of World History, Historiography and Source won grant of the Ministry of education on program of basic research, “6.1. Kazakhstan in the relationship between Eastern and Western civilizations, political, socio-economic, historical, and cultural trends and prospects”. Research group of teachers of the chair is working on the problem – “Conceptual problems in the history of Asia and Europe in the light of the integration and modernization”.

Professor of Kokebaeva G.K. since 2005, participated in the work of the Archive, research and cataloging of materials from foreign archives, held by the Committee of Information and Archives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the State program "Cultural Heritage". In 2008, participation was reflected in the catalog of materials from the archives of Germany and Poland, as well as writing articles for the book on the history of Turkestan. Associate Professor of Habizhanova G.B., Shamshidenova F.M. engaged in research on the "Cultural Heritage", "National idea”.

Berndt Bondvech – director of German Institite of history and Кокеbаyevа G.К. – doctor of historical sciences, prof. of the chair of World historz, historiography and source of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. September in 2003.

Professor G.К.Кокеbаyeva with the Director of the Institute of political studies of the Polish National Academy of science prof. V. Маtеrskyi and deputy director on science, July in 2011.

Realities of today, as stated in the message of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050": a new policy of established state" making new demands. In pursuance of paragraph of the Protocol of extended meeting of the Interagency Working Group for the Study of National History, based on the decision of the Academic Council of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University created Research Center "The study of world history" (Minutes № 12 dated June 24, 2013). The Centre is headed by Dr., Professor, the head of the Department of World History, Historiography and Source Studies, K.T. Zhumagulov. The purpose of the Center: Study of development of world history based on modern methodological paradigms and toolkits; Demonstrate the role and place of the Turkic world and Kazakhstan in the world historical process.

To achieve the goals plan to work of five sectors:

- Study of the historical origins of Eurasianism in the context of topical problems in accordance with the new methodological approaches in historical science;

- Golden Horde, its internal and international situation: a view from the twenty-first century;

- Cultural and humanitarian integration of the Turkic world (the Middle Ages, modern and contemporary times);

- The international community and Kazakhstan in conditions of contemporary globalization and integration;

- New paradigms and concepts in the history of Central Asia (source study and historiographical aspects).

Professors of World History, Historiography and Source Mashimbaev S.M., Atabayev K.M, Kokebaeva G.K., Tolebaev T.A., Mukhatova O.Kh., Asylbekova Zh.M. and docents as Myrzabekova R.S., Shamshidenova F.M, Kartabaeva E.T, Miymanbaeva F.N., Bedelova G,S, Alpysbaeva N.K., Sabdenova G.E., Zhakupova G.T., Muhazhanova T.N., Sadykova R.O. maintain traditional links with universities abroad (Germany, England, Hungary, and Turkey) and the CIS scope (Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, SPGU, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan).