The chair trains specialists on bachelor degree

5B020700 – Translation Studies

The program is focused on training of translators with higher education.

Training term – 4 years.

Form of educationinternal.

Foreign training is not allowed during the theoretical training.

After completion of the training the academic degree is appropriated.

«Bachelor of Humanitarian Science»

Only individuals having secondary (full) education are accepted.

The program of training of bachelors provides studying of disciplines of the following modules:

main compulsory;

main elective;

professional elective;


Training of translators is conducted on the following languages:

Kazakh language ← Russian

Kazakh language → Russian

Kazakh language ↔ German

o • Kazakh language ↔ English

o • Kazakh language ↔ Turkish language

o • Russian ↔ English

o • Russian ↔ German

The master - classes in language:

in Kazakh

in Russian

in English

in Turkish

in German

Domestic and foreign professional translators and experts are invited for carrying out "master class"

Enrolment is carried out by results of ENT

Enrolment of foreign citizens is made in accordance with the established procedure

Career: Presidential Administration; parliament; government; bodies of judicial authority; embassies (Kazakhstan and foreign countries); central executive and other government bodies; local and government executive bodies; publishing business; mass media; political companies; international companies; domestic and foreign organizations (enterprises, establishments, firms, etc.); international cultural centers; news and advertizing agencies; individual business, etc.

Prospects of further scientific and educational activity:

magistracy in domestic and foreign higher education institutions