Scientific Projects and Researches

Scientific researches of teachers, doctoral candidates, post-graduate students, competitors and trainees of chair of general linguistics are spent in frameworks:

Planned state budgetary theme "language Units in comparative-historical, typological and comparative aspects";

The plan of scientific researches of laboratory "the Kazakh language: psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic researches";

Themes "Dynamics of functional development of a state language and efficiency of new language policy of Republic of Kazakhstan: 1991-2001", included in the program of basic researches of Fund of a science of Republic Kazakhstan for 2003-2005 (E.D.Suleimenova, N.Z.Shaimerdenova, S.J.Son, Z.S.Smagulova, and also K.S.Husain (Institute of linguistics of NAS RК), B.H.Hasanov (the center of gender researches of the Kazakh female teacher training college);

The international project "The Lexicographical Description of Loanwords in Kazakh" INTAS-96-0073 (International Association for the promotion of cooperation with scientists from NIS; H.Bushoten's coordinators, the Netherlands and L.Johanson, Germany) in which working out during 1996-1999 participated E.D.Suleimenova, R.A.Avakova, G.B.Madieva;

The international project on creation of Modules of the Kazakh language for the Internet (http://www.cenasianet/org 1999-2003) in which participate ACTR/ACCELS (M.Lekich), university of Indiana (U.Fierman), the Chicago university (D.Akanova), the Kazakh national university of al-Farabi (E.Suleimenova), the Kazakh state legal academy (K.Kadasheva), (A.Aldash's) Kazakh academy KNB;

The international project "YENI TYRKIYE" the Ministries of culture of Turkey (the coordinator of the project H.D.Akaradzha, Ankara), in 2001-2002 participated in project working out E.D.Suleimenova, R.A.Avakova, etc.;

The international project АCTR/ACCELS "Six Language Test Development Project Kikongo / Hausa / Yoruba / Kazakh / Uzbek / Tajik"; dates of performance - 2008-2009; working group - E.D.Suleimenova, D.Akanova, D.Karagojshieva, Z.Kuzembekova;

The international project Fund "Russian world" the project 2008/02-347 "complete set Creation potted manuals on morphology of Russian for philological specialities of universities of Republic Kazakhstan"; dates of performance - 2008-2009; project head E.Suleimenova; working group - O.Altynbekova, L.Ekshembeeva, Z.Sabitova, J.Kulichenko;

The international project "Creation and adaptation of textbooks on Russian and the literature"; grant giver - Federal state educational institution of the higher vocational training «St.-Petersburg state university»; dates of performance - 2007-2008;

The research project of Committee of a science of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan (under the program «National idea - as a basis of development of Kazakhstan») «the State language as one of primary factors of a unification of the Kazakhstan society» (2007-2009) for 2007 the Project № 269 - 225002001149 № 20901414 Funds of a science of Republic Kazakhstan.