Chair History

Military department was based in 1936  to prepare a trained reserve for formations and units of the Red Army , which was due to a complex situation of our country 's foreign policy in light of the growing threat of Nazi attacks and provocative actions of Japanese militarists in the Far East .

It was an acceleration program to prepare hunter-scouts, radio operators , operators , motorcyclists, mountain riflemen, grenadiers , specialists in unarmed combat, skiers. Students (both boys and girls) showed great perseverance and desire to have the knowledge of military affairs, while preparing to defend their homeland.

In 1941, after the request of the legendary Commander 316 Infantry Division of General I. Panfilov , one of the first stood on the path of the enemy , the military department specialists were prepared to protect against toxic substances.

In the postwar period, teaching and educational work of the department was based on combat experience and the needs of our highly trained specialists in the army . Since 1965, the training of students in the department was in two military occupational specialties - mechanized infantry and anti-aircraft artillery, in 1970 military-politic specialty  was implemented too.

According to modern requirements training and staff structure were improved, the quality level of the faculty was raised, department was equipped with the latest models of equipment and weapons.

To improve the quality of teaching and student learning invested department heads, such as Major General K.D. Mishin, Colonel Kolodko V.D. - The Great Patriotic War , Colonel Mykomelov U.T., awarded the Order of "Red Star" for excellence in preparing students, spent much time and energy.

During the construction phase and the reform of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan training and education of students is carried out by three cycles of the military department:

  • Tactical training;
  • Full military and military-technical training;
  • Anti-aircraft defense.

In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan № 234 of December 12, 1994 introduced a new training program for students in the following military occupational specialties:

Platoon commander antiaircraft missile (rocket- artillery) battery motorized infantry ( tank) regiment;

Motorized infantry platoon commander on the BMP -2/

By order of the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan № 27 dated January 22, 2010 introduced new military occupational specialties:

  • Lawyer-Consult work;
  • Organization of educational and socio- legal work in the mechanized infantry divisions

Military training organized and conducted by experienced teachers , since the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan was reorganized and all educational premises of the department , obtained and developed new models of weapons and military equipment , improved methods of teaching and learning of students.

Сolonel Ermekbaev Pernehan Ashimbaevichhas great authority in the department - Honored Member of Republic of Kazakhstan - correspondent of the Academy of Military Sciences , PhD., professor of military special sciences.

In the educational process successfully implemented computer training , teaching- monitoring programs, tele-video equipment and other modern teaching aids, and also conducted intensive training of the state language .

Copyright collectives officers of the military department only for the period 2001-2014 were published more than 30 years of teaching aids , brochures and information development.

Repeated visits to the leadership of the military department - Minister of Defense , Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff RK, inspections showed that the teaching staff of the military department seizes advanced methods of its teaching , serves as an example for students zeal for military duty . Graduates of the military department , called the Armed Forces , conscientiously perform their duties in accordance with the received military speciality , continuing the glorious traditions of the military department of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, which is considered as one of the best among the military departments of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.