Calendar of Events

At the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, on April 9-10, closing ceremony of the international conference of young scientists and students "The world of science" took place. The winners of the scientific session were awarded with diplomas and valuable certificates for the development of their projects. Event was attended by young scientists, as well as teachers and students.

76 reports, including 20 oral, were presented at the "Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Biology" section.


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Debates on the «Ethical aspects in organizing scientific research on living organisms» took place at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Two groups of specialty «Biotechnology» participated in these debates held in English with the Department Deputy Professor Biyasheva Z.M.




A special course called "Fundamentals of agricultural selection" was conducted in the elite seed private agricultural firm (Responsibility Association Limited - RALtd) Turgen” with 3rd year students taking "Biotechnology". The students got to know the introduction technology of new varieties of grain (wheat, barley, maize), oilseeds (safflower) and legumes (soybeans). They were presented an innovative technology of fruit crops. They also visited a garden, where the intensive drip irrigation technology is being used.