Scientific projects and researches

Scientific projects and research

The most significant scientific projects:


The direction of the scientific project

The name of the project

Project Manager

Time period



GT under the budget program 120 "Grant financing", on priority "5 Intellectual potential of the country", under the priority "5.1 Fundamental research in the field of natural sciences" // IPS

"Conceptual model of activation of rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the development of agro-tourism"


d.g.s. prof. Erdavletov S.R.

2015–2017 yy. 


The contractual project (KazNU)

International project 543808-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPHES

Project manager from business partner, Ph.D. Bayandinova S.M.

2013–2016 yy.


The contractual project (KazNU)

Newton - Al Farabi (Pde program in Kazakhstan)

Project manager from business partner, Ph.D. Woodward D.B.

01.01.1016–29.11.2016 yy.


The contractual project (KazNU), technopark

gSmart – Spatial ICT infrastructures for Smart Place (gSmart-Spatial information and communication-technological infrastructures for the Smart of Place)

Coordinator for Central Asia, Ph.D. Aktimbayeva A.S.

2015–2017 yy.

№56 from 2016-05-20

Agreement on public procurement of services // eco.agreement #

International tourist expedition "My city - Almaty"

Ph.D. Artemiev A.M.

2016 y.

1. Assessment of recreational resources as the basis for sustainable development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan - MES RK, grant.

2. Development of geographical bases for sustainable tourism development on the basis of an assessment of the tourist and recreational potential of Kazakhstan - MES RK, grant.

3. Comprehensive research of the tourist and recreational potential of the Alakol Basin in order to develop recreation and tourism. № 0112РК00583 - MES RK, grant.

4. Development of the concept of regional development and territorial organization of domestic tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan. State registration no. 0112РК02459 - MES RK, grant.

5. Develop GIS technology with the use of interpretation of space images in the territorial analysis of the semi-deserts of Kazakhstan for the development of the adaptive landscape system. -MON RC, grant.

6. A conceptual model of activization of rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the development of agro-tourism. - MES RK, grant.

7. Desertification and natural hazards of Kazakhstan. Program FIPNI MES RK "Desertification of Kazakhstan", 2012 (co-executor section Artemiev AM)

8. GF "Development and territorial organization of tourism in Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region of the Karaganda region" (grant financing of MONUC, Zhezkazgan State University) (co-executors Artemiev AM, Abdreeva Sh.T.) (2012-2014).

9. GF4 Development and territorial organization of tourism in the Karaganda region (grant financing of MONUC, Zhezkazgan University named after OA Baikonurov, scientific hand Tursinbaeva KS, 2015) (Artemiev AM, Abdreeva Sh.T.)

There are the following grant's projects on the fundamental scientific research (3 years duration):

  1. "Evaluation of Recreational Resources as a Basis for Sustainable Development of the Tourism Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2000 -2002);
  2. "Development of Geographical Background of Tourism Development on the Basis of Assessment the Tourism Potential of Kazakhstan "(2009-2011);
  3. "Comprehensive Study the Tourism Potential of the Alakol Basin for Recreation and Tourism Development "(2012-2014);
  4. "The Development of the Concept for Regional Research Development and Territorial Organization of Domestic Tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2012-2014).

Scientific interests of teachers of the Department reflects the participation in projects: National Atlas of the Republic of Kazakhstan (section "Tourism»), «In-situ Conservation of Mountain Agro-biodiversity in Kazakhstan", "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion", " Tourism Management of the Katonkaragay National Park "," Design of Water Protection Zones along the Small Rivers of Kazakhstan"," Good Practice in Rangeland Management in Kazakhstan and Central Asia", "Compilation a Common Database to Management Risk Evaluate"," Sustainable Rangeland Management for Rural Livelihood and Environmental Integrity, "National Report on the Millennium Development Goals in Kazakhstan (Goal 7 - Ensure Environmental Sustainability)," Desertification in Kazakhstan ", etc.

The Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism Research Prospects are as follows: 

  1. Development of geographical basis and territorial organization of agro-tourism in Kazakhstan;
  2.  Development of the extreme forms of tourism on Kazakhstan water subjects;


            During its activity, the department held six international scientific and practical conferences:

1999 - "Modern problems of theory and practice of tourism";

2002 - "Problems of the development of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan";

2006 - "Geography of tourism: topical issues of theory and practice";

2011 - "Kazakhstan Tourism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow";

2014 - "Tourism of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects";

2016 - "Modern problems of tourism development in Kazakhstan".

Based on the materials of all the conference, at least 10-15  collections  were published. In addition, the department published collections of works: "The role of tourism in the sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "Tourism of modern Kazakhstan", dedicated to various anniversary dates.