Scientific Directions

There are several following areas of scientific research at the department of Chinese studies of the faculty of Oriental studies:

on historical issues:
- Problems of Chinese history;
- History of Kazakhstan and Central Asia by Chinese sources;
- Topical issues of international relations and foreign policy of China;
- Features of internal political development of China;
- Economic cooperation and regional integration of China and Central Asian countries;
- Issues of regional ethnography and ethnology (Central Asia and China);
- Religion and philosophy of China;
- Source study and historiography of China;

in the field of literary studies:
- Features of the historical development of literature in China;
- Scientific analysis of the literary heritage of famous writers and poets of China;
- Study of the literary monuments of China;
- Features of literary genres of China;
- Analysis of the relationship of Kazakh and Chinese literature;

in the field of linguistics:
- Patterns of the Chinese language;
- Lexicology of the Chinese language;
- Phraseology of the Chinese language;
- Language dialects of China;
- A place of Chinese language in linguistics;
- A comparative analysis of the Kazakh and Chinese languages.

And also in the fields of culture, religion and philosophy of China, linguoculturology and other contemporary trends.