Scientific projects and researches


The following scientific projects are researched at the Faculty of Oriental Studiesin period from 2018 to 2021 academic year:

№ s/p The direction of research project Name ofresearch project Head of the project Period Contacts
 AP08956706 Fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary research in the social sciences Religious Institutions and Practice in Kazakhstan in the Context of Digitalization and Changing Social Space at a Times of COVID Pandemiс Doctor of Historic Sciences, associate prof. Yerekesheva L.G. 2020-2021


  АР05135424 Basic and applied research in the field of economic, social and human sciences The Turkic-Kipchak layer in the culture of Egypt
Doctor of Philology, Professor Zhubatova B.N.  2018-2020


 AP08857715 Fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary research in the human sciences
«Theo linguistic discourse in al-Farabi’s treaties ( «Usul ilm at-Tabiya», «Kitabul-Akhlaq» and «Kitabul-Huruf») PhD Paltore Y.M. 2020-2022



The following scientific projects are researched at the Facultyof Oriental Studiesin periodfrom 2011 to 2012 academic year:

  • "Political modernizationin Japan andthe Republic of Kazakhstan: A Comparative Analysis".Head ofPh.D.ShaimardanovaN.
  • "The paradigm ofthe economicrise of Chinaand the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan". Headdoctor of history,Professor N.A.Aldabek.
  • "Turkishworldand the Orient:cultural andlinguistic contacts(diachronic aspect)".HeadPh.D.,Associate ProfessorB.N.Dzhubatova.
  • "Islamin modern Kazakhstan: the nature andoutcomeof the religiousrebirth". Headdoctor of philosophical sciences, ProfessorG.E.Nadirova
  • "Turkiclanguagepicture ofthe world". Headdoctor of philosophical sciences, ProfessorR. A.Avakov.
  • "Kazakhstanin the internationalspace". Headdoctor of philosophical sciences, ProfessorR.A.Avakov.

The following scientific projects are researched at the Facultyof Oriental Studiesin period from 2009 to 2010 academic year:

Associate Professor ofDepartment of Arabic and IranianStudiesTadzhikova K.H. participates in the Basic Research of the Institute of Philosophy "Legacy of Al-Farabi and the formation of a new integral worldview" (2009-2011).

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Arabic and IranianStudiesDzhubatova B.N. participates in research projects of the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baytursynuly "he Dictionary of the Kazakh Literary Language" / 15 volumes / implemented under the state program "Cultural Heritage", 2004-2010, paragraph 3.13 of Article 62-67 implementation plan for this program at the Institute of Linguistics since 2006

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of Department of Korean and Japanese Studies , Kim G.N. participates in research projects "Development of college textbooks for Korean departments of universities in Central Asia" (grantor - The Academy of Korean Studies in collaboration with the University Kenhi), as well as in the project "Investigation of the history of publishing books on Korean language in the Soviet Union" (grantor - University of Berkeley (USA).

Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor of Department of Turkology and Indology studies Avakova R.A. involved the following projects: Basic scientific research of the Kazakh language in the world cultural space: a historical paradigm, the fundamental scientific iresearch of the Kazakh literary language and the national mindset: a cultural kontsepter (grantor - Ministry of Educatuin and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan).

PhD Begіmova G.A. is working on the project "Fundamental research: Scientific and methodological basis of studies of the epic "Құtty Bіlіk" ("Happy Knowledge") of Zhusip Balasagun. Also, representatives of the Türkology Department D-r, Professor Avakova R.A. and PhD. Z. Shadkam participate in the International Program Technical oburudovaniem equipment and literature, funded by TICA Republic of Turkey.