Social educational activity


September 26, 2019  “Til - dostyktyn altyn kopyri” 

within the framework of the project “Aynalandy Nurlandyr!” In honor of the celebration of the Day of Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan, an educational event “Til - dostyktyn altyn kopyri” was held. All 1-4 year students of the specialty "Materials Science and Technology of New Materials" took part in this concert. Organizers: teachers KFTTiNF Tashkeeva G.K., Suyundykova G.S., Nurbolat Sh.T., Migunova A.A., Mikhailova S.L.

April 30, 2019 "Yntymak – Dostyk kepili"  

In the framework of the project "Aynalandy nurlandyr!" and "Rukhani zhangyru"  students of the Department of solid state physics and nonlinear physics, speciality "Physics and Astronomy" organized event "Yntymak – Dostyk kepili" devoted to the Day of unity of people of Kazakhstan.

The event was organized by curator-advisers of Kalambay M.T., Alimova M.A., Amantaeva E, Sebekova G.R., teachers, doctoral students: Ikramov S. B., Isimova A.T., Haniev B., Tolegenova A.A., Kuttybai N., Ibraimova A., Utebay A., Mukhanova A., Akhtanov S.N.

03.04.2019  «Greencampus»

03.04.2009 within the framework of the project «Greencampus» flowers were planted by student groups of the specialty «RET» and teachers of the Department of solid state and nonlinear physics.

Participated: curator-adviser Mukhanova A. K., the teachers: A. Demessinova, Kalambai M. T., Alimova M. A., Serikbaev A. A., Agishev, A. T., Khaniev B.A. and students of 1 course of the specialty «RET».


February 22, 2019 Kazakh Women's Pedagogical University
 In KazWPU passed Kokurs "GOLDEN VOICE" among students of the university of Almaty. As a result of the competition, a student of the KazNU named after Al-Farabi, Faculty of Physics and Technology, specialty "Physics and Astronomy" Bazarbayeva Aruzhan won the 1st place in the operatic nomination.
Curator-adviser: Alimova MA
February 9, 2019 Theater of Young Spectators On February 9, students and research advisor in the specialty “Physics and Astronomy” of Subekeov visitedthe Theater of Young Spectators. G. Musrepova and watched the play “I Can't Forget”.
February 9, 2019  Theater of Young Spectators   February 9, students visited the Theater of Young Spectators. G. Musrepova. The spectator was presented a performance based on the story of Mukagali Makatayev “Men ұmyta Almaymyn”. The performance left an inexplicable feeling for the audience and students. In addition to the history of the students, the students were impressed with their training and education.
Participants: curator-adviser Mukhanova AK and 2-year students of the specialty "RET".

February 7, 2019 M.Auezov Theater  

1st year students majoring in "Physics and astronomy" of the faculty of physics and technology went to the Kazakh drama theater named after M. Auezov. In honor of the 89 anniversary of Sh.Kaldayakov in the theatre showed the musical play "Tsygan Serenadasy". The play is fascinating from the first minutes, forcing to shed tears from longing for his mother. The play showed the student life of sh. Kaldayakov, with which the current students could compare their lives. For students it was the best way and a good opportunity to relax from the city.

Curator-adviser: Alimova M.A., the leader of the group Amit Assylzat

February 3, 2019 M.Auezov Theater On February 3, students and the curator-adviser of the specialty “Physics and Astronomy” Amantayev Ainash visited the M.Auezov Theater, the play “Anna Karenina”.
December 11, 2018  December: Chronicle of Independence  In the framework of the project “Decorate the neighborhood” and “Spiritual renewal” an open curatorial hour “December: Chronicle of Independence” was held with students of the specialty “Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications”
October 24, 2018 Excursion to AHMBP There was a study tour of the Almaty Heavy Machinery Plant for students of 2-4 courses of the specialty "Materials Science and Technology of New Materials". The students got acquainted with the work of the foundry and model production from the process of molding mixtures, manufacturing of casting and model equipment to centrifugal casting. In the forging shop they watched the process of hot stamping blanks. The students showed particular interest in the work of the heat treatment site, gear cutting works of the machine-assembly production
April 6, 2018 "Nauryz celebration in the village of Astronomers!" The open curatorial hour "Nauryz celebration in the village of Astronomers!" took place. Students of the 3rd year of the specialty "Physics and Astronomy" presented it, informed the guests about interesting traditions. All presents had fun, danced "Kara zhorga", sang songs that had long been composed especially for this holiday
 May 2, 2017  Who loves sports, he is healthy and cheerful  

The annual football tournament among students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of specialties "Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications" (REET), "Physics and Astronomy" (PhA) and "Material Science and Technology of New Materials" (MS) was held on May 2, 2017 as part of the "Healthy Body Cult" project. The tournament was attended by 5 teams. As a result of the game, the "REET, 1st year " team took 1st place, "REET-229" took 2nd place, "REET-223" took 3rd place. Diploma "The Best Player" was awarded to the player of the team "MS" Mukhamedali Zharas. The diploma "The most beautiful goal" was awarded to Shurtanov Bauyrzhan, player of the "REET, 1st year " team