International Projects and Researches

Department of IP involved in the international project TEMPUS-ERAMIS «Creation of the Euro-Russian-Central Asian Network of Masters in Computer Science as a second jurisdiction." The project carried out jointly with universities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Poland and the enterprises of Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.
In the field of information technology:
- Design and development software, databases, web application development, network administration, and so on.

In the first of competence:
- The application of the knowledge, skills and information technology in the region of the first competency.

In the process of learning:
- Mobility between university partners;
- A double diploma (with a foreign university).

Program deals with a BS in social sciences, linguistics, etc., is a specialty of information technology.
The main purpose of the program is to provide advanced skills for the implementation of the labor market with a dual competency.
The main course consists of a base of information technology (algorithms and data structures, programming, systems, networks, databases, software development technology, web technology, etc.) and subjects of specialization.

Conditions of admission
Applicants to the masters have the opportunity to be adopted in case of a bachelor of science in areas other than information technology; other bachelors must fill out the applicant for consideration by the committee.
To be successful, you must have high motivation, skills, project work in developing information technology.

The purpose of this master's education program is to provide individuals from other professions knowledge and skills in the field
information technology for the formation of professionals capable to combine expertise in engineering, mathematics, physics, economics, with competencies in information technology that will enable them to implement the tools in modernizing society.
This master program is created within the project TEMPUS - 159025 "Creating a network of Europe - Russia - Central Asia to master information technology as a second competence" (ERAMIS), which jointly participate:
5 universities in Europe:
- University of Pierre Mendes France;
- Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland;
- Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany;
- Lublin University of Technology, Poland;
- University of Alicante, Spain.
4 universities of Russia:
- Astrakhan State University;
- Kazan State Technical University;
- Saratov University of Economics and Social Sciences;
- Voronezh State University.
2 University of Kyrgyzstan:
- Kyrgyz National University;
- Kyrgyz National Technical University.
3 universities of Kazakhstan:
- Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi;
- Karaganda State Technical University;
- Eurasian Innovation University (Pavlodar).
3 companies-partners:
- Soffit (Russia);
- Aknet (Kyrgyzstan);
- System (Kazakhstan).
In this project possible student mobility between universities partners of this project, and the award of double diplomas
(For groups with the English language).
Training takes place in three languages, Kazakh, Russian and English (of course).

Contact Information:

Address: 050012, Almaty, ul. Masanchi 39 \ 47 KazNU. Al-Farabi,
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Department of Information Systems, tel. 2926022, ext. 21-83