Scientific internships

In 2012-2013 academic year on MES RK grant "Best university teacher 2011" funding Prof. Kolumbayeva S.Zh. visited and participated in seminars at the University of Vienna, Autsria and Pierre et Marie Currie, France; under the funding of the Russian fund of fundamental researches Assistant Prof. Zhunusbayeva Zh.K. and Dauletbayeva S.B. (additionally November, 2013) were on scietific training at the Tomsk University, Russia; Assist. Prof. Zhussupova A.I. (Fulbright, MN) and Rysbekova A.B. (Bolashak, IN) were a yearly training at two leading universities in USA. In 2013-2014 academic year on MES RK projects were Prof. Kolumbayeva S.Zh. (Valencia Polytechnical University, Spain); Assoc. Prof. Dzhangalina E.D. and Zhumabayeva B.A. in Orlovsk State Agrarian University, Russia.