General Information

Teaching staff and advisers of the department organize special meetings during the year. According to the schedule events on techniques of safety during the field training, social and economical, political and cultural issues. Besides students participate in organization of cultural events like New year eve celebration, Nauryz, visits of museums, theaters, exhibitions. As a result partiotism increases.

In December 2013:

1. Prof. Aytasheva Z.G. visited Sh.E. Esenov shool in Kzyl-orda with lectures and for conducting the contest of scientific works;

2. Prof. Omirbekova N.Zh. in Taldykorgan wasawarded by the diploma of gratitude from the Head of the Department of Education of Almaty region J. Dalabaev.

In addition,articles and materials are being prepared for the publication atthe thematic magazine "al-Farabi-kz" for students and schoolchildren.