The best student of department

The best students of the department

According to the result of the publication of scientific articles relevant impact - a factor in the database Thomson Reuters, Kazakh Mathematical Society at the annual forum of mathematicians Kazakhstan awarded:

1. Diploma of the second degree and the monetary award Tokmagambetov N. - PhD 3rd year of study

2. Diploma of the third degree and a cash prize Shaimerdenova AM - PhD 3rd year of study

Fourth-year students majoring mathematics:

1. Ahymbek Meyram

2. Kassymov Aydin

3. Bekbolat Bayan

at the request of the Department of Mathematics are fundamental stependiantami Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling (gene. Director Kalmenov TS)

Eserkegenov Nurgisa - 2 nd year undergraduate degree from the first degree at the international scientific conference "Lomonosov 2013"

Dүysenbaeva Aidan - Student 3rd year winner of the presidential scholarship

Tileuova Jannat - 2 nd year student of diploma holder of the third degree on the Republican VI Student Olympiad in Mathematics, 2014