Scientific projects and researches

Direction of the scientific project Name of the project Project manager Period
1 Algorithm theory, Model theory "Algorithmic and model-theoretic properties of algebraic structures" Dr., ProfessorBadaev S.A. 2015-2017
2 Computability theory "Equivalence relations, preordered structures, and algorithmic reducibilities on them, as a mathematical model of databases" Dr., Professor Badaev S.A. 2015-2017
3 Pseudo-differential operators

«Pseudo-differential operators induced by boundary value problems»

PhD doktor Tokmaganbetov N.E. 2015-2017
4 Boundary value problems for differential equations

"Convolutions generated by boundary value problems for differential equations, and corresponding algebras".

Dr., ProfessorKanguzhin B.E. 2015-2017
5 Equations of mathematical physics "Identification of defects of mechanical, piping and electrical systems." Dr., ProfessorKanguzhin B.E. 2013-2015

Development of new types Mathematical models

Mathematical methods of the support of managerial decision-making under uncertainty of the economic environment

Dr., Professor Sikhov M.B. 2015-2017
7 Risk assessment "Economic-mathematical modeling of insurance risk assessment." Dr., ProfessorSikhov M.B. 2013-2015
8 Operator equatios of mathematical physics and spectral analysis  "Operator equations of mathematical physics and spectral analysis. Correct internally nonlocal boundary value problems with a shift for differential equations. " Dr., Professor Kanguzhin B.E. 2012-2014
9 Singular operators "Generalized analytic vectors singular operators, Noether, solvability, the soliton solutions." academician of NAN RK Bliev N.K. 2012-2014
10 Algorithm theory, Model theory "Computability and algebraic structures" Dr., Professor Badaev S.A. 2012-2014
11 Approximation theory "Predpoperechniki Kolmogorov." Dr., Professor Sikhov M.B. 2012-2014