History of KazNU since 2010 to the present time

Since 2010 Al-Farabi KazNU following by the course of realization state policy successfully continues to carry out its transformation in world-class research university. Actively extending academic mobility, strong chairs and scientific research institutes, efficiency of scientific projects, introduction of innovative components, the corporate spirit of all collective are provides creation of the powerful intellectual environment at university.

In 2011 KazNU was the first high school of Kazakhstan which has been accepted to «the Academic influence» program of the United Nations Organization, and by results of known rating agencies QS (Great Britain), Thomson Reuters (USA) the first high school of the Central Asia which has entered into a rank of the most known universities of the world. With a view of transformation of university into the center of propagation of ideology, information and education research programs on stable progress KazNU was the only one among high schools of the CIS countries which has taken part in the Global summit of the United Nations on stable progress in Rio de Janeiro. Having opened the special section, devoted to ideas of the President of our country - Global strategy energy ecological progresses and «the Green bridge», our university initiated creation of the International consortium of universities «The Green bridge through generations».

The main event of 2012 was the international conference-exhibition which has last on the Indonesian island Bali, on which KazNU was awarded by sign on superiority QS Stars - «Three stars». It is remarkable, that KazNU became the first university in the Central-Asian region awarded «QS stars». Also major achievement was the high assessment, given to university by the maximum rank experts of the European Union in the field of science. By results of the international examination Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the indisputable leader among high schools of Kazakhstan on scientifically-technological and innovative potential.

In the beginning of 2013 Al-Farabi KazNU was accepted in the international association of colleges of higher education «Talloires» where entered the best universities of the USA. According to «Webometrics ranking of world's universities» international agency which analyzes web-sites of high schools of the world and defines their level, our university has taken the leading position among high schools in the Central-Asia region. Our students became leaders of the project «Top 100 the best students of Almaty», having made the most part of its electronic catalogue. The key event in history of university was the signing of some agreements: between KazNU and «Gangnam Severance»clinic, Yonse university of Korea Republic.It was reached the arrangement on opening at university the diagnostic center between the world famous company and KazNU.

In the anniversary 2014 year in KazNU has started the unique scientifically-innovative project « Аl-Farabi university - smart city», directed on its transformation into university of a new formation in which basis the doctrine of the great thinker Al-Farabi about virtuous city. Having headed a global hub of the program of the United Nations «Academic influence» on stable progress the university has strengthened the leading part as the leader of science and formation and also has taken the first position in the national rating of 2014, as well as in the international rating our university became the unique representative not only among the CIS, but also East and the Central Europe countries-participants.

The most memorizable events in celebration 80-th anniversary were: the city bicycle race, devoted to anniversary of university with participation of Almaty mayor - Ahmetzhan Esimov; solemn celebration of KazNU veterans from scientific and pedagogical structure; ceremony of rewarding winners in competition among journalists and mass-media «KazNU – a smithy of the Kazakhstan elite»; the international conference on Bologna process; a round table « University – a point of growth of the high technology economy»; a forum of employers «University – business – society: experience and prospects of partnership»; the international book exhibition-fair «AlmatyBookExpo» under the slogan: «From the intellectual nation to intellectual reading », as well as meetings with the Nobel laureates. Due to enormous labour, solidarity, professionalism and enthusiasm of collective the university dynamically develops and with confidence moves forward!