Research directions

The university is dedicated to maintain the high level of scholarly research which is confirmed by implementation of large scientific projects of theoretical and applied research by departments providing graduate education. The other proof is publications of doctoral students’ supervisors in prestigious scientific journals including international journals with high impact factor.



Research Directions

Biology and Biotechnology 

Experimental Biology of Cells and Tissues
Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics

Oriental Studies

Fundamental problems of the Arabic Language, Literature and Culture
Foreign Policy, Economy, Trade and Culture Problems in the context of Relations between Nations of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and China

Geography and environmental geography

GIS in Demographic Studies of Quality of Life
Spatial Organization and Management of Human Capital
Social, Economic and Geo-ecological Problems of the Spatial Organization of Ore-Altai TPHS


History, Archeology and Ethnology 

Ethnic Problems in the History of Kazakhstan
World History

Ethno-Cultural and Migration Processes among Kazakhstani Immigrants
Begazy Dandybay Culture of Central Eurasia

The Paleolithic of Kazakhstan



International Relations

Human Rights in International Law
The Law of Integration
Theory and Practice of U.S. Foreign Policy

International Organizations

Environmental Safety

Transatlantic Cooperation (U.S. and EU)

Modern systems of CO
International, Regional and National Security Issues and Problems of European Integration

Mechanics and Mathematics

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Information Technologies
Fluid Mechanics
Theory and Practice of Databases and Machine Translation

Philology, literature and International Languages

Current Problems of Literary Translation and Comparative Literature Studies
Russian Philology
Theory of Language


Philosophy and Political Science

Political Problems of International Relations and Global Development
Political Modernization and Transformation of Political Systems
Development of Regional Planning and Social Planning and Engineering
Social Structure of Kazakh Society
Design and Simulation of Theories Based on Social Reality
Social Protection of Vulnerable Social Groups

Specifics of Social Work with Young People
Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture
History of Kazakh Culture
Philosophical and Religious and Cultural Anthropology, Hermeneutics, Cultural Studies
Social Philosophy
Cognitive Psychophysiology
Religious Anthropology, History and Theory of Religious Studies, History of Religion


Physics and Technical

Plasma Physics
Radioactive Materials
Theory of Relativity and Gravitation
Quantum Physics of Complex Systems
Nuclear Interactions and Radiation Safety
Nonlinear Dynamics
Study of Linear Differential Operators with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions
Study of Turbulence in the Presence of External Forces


Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Fine Organic Synthesis, Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
Chemical Physics of Combustion
Colloid Chemistry
Chemical Technology of Electrochemical Production
Chemical Engineering
Metrology, Standardization and Certification in Chemical Industry

Higher School of Economics and Business

National Management System: Competitiveness and the Factors for Sustainable Economic Development
Management, Project Management and Innovations Management


Theory and History of State and Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Environmental Law
Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal Law