General Information

Department today - is not only a stable educational community, but also scientific center dedicated to research in various fields of Sinology and leading the development of unique research projects.

At the Department of Sinology there scientific school doctor of historical sciences, professor Aldabek NA relating to research problems relations between the peoples of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and China in the field of foreign policy, economy, trade, culture, conducted research in the field of Chinese language and literature.

Aldabek N.A. Batpenova Z.S. Bekturganova P.E. Akhmetbek G.
Doctor of History, Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor

Over the years, the department passed reserved doctoral , master's , PhD thesis, prepared and published dozens of books , reading books , monographs , dictionaries, and hundreds of scientific articles , translations of various Chinese products.

Teachers are regular participants of the annual scientific-theoretical and methodological national and international conferences . main preferences authors - research and comparative analysis of the problems of the Kazakh- Chinese relations. At the Department holds monthly planned scientific seminars, where topical issues and problems of Sinology , the organization of scientific work of the department faculty and students . During 2004-2012 there have been many scientific and methodological seminars with the participation of foreign professors and Kazakh scientists , such as Zhao Huasheng - Professor of Fudan University , Ostrovsky A. - professor IFES , Olejnikov V. - to . iN, associate professor at the University of Novosibirsk , Pan Zhiping - PhD, Professor, Director of the Institute of Central Asia to China , Wang Yuychion doctor Ph.D, Head of the Center of exchange with Kazakhstan Research Institute for Public Diplomacy at Shanghai University , Ezhenhanuly B. - head of Asia-Pacific Institute of Oriental Studies . RB Suleimenova KH MES , Dr. PhD.

For valuable information and collecting relevant materials in Chinese, teachers annually go to China, in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Urumqi, in the USA, Holland, Moscow, etc.