Online webinar for young journalists


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Within the framework of the project of distance media education "Multimedia Journalism School" a webinar "Multimedia Storytelling" is being held, organized by the Faculty of Journalism. The main task of the project is to promote familiarization of students with the modern media space, substantiation in it, as well as to promote their becoming a multimedia personality. Training to work at any level, both as a journalist and as a user. Formation of skills in searching for information in the Internet space, analyzing this information and its application.

The lecturers of the online webinar for young journalists included teachers of the Faculty of Journalism of KazNU and media editors. Among them are the Head of the Department of Print and Electronic Media of the Faculty of Journalism of KazNU, Director of the Humanitarian Research Center "MediaSphere" Sultanbaeva Gulmira Serikbaevna, graduate of the aforementioned university, master of social sciences, graduate of the doctorate of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​with a degree in Linguistics Sanatbek Seidekhanov and graduate of the Faculty of Journalism Zarina Buenbaeva.

On the first day of the webinar, students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Journalism listened to a lecture by the correspondent of the Khabar 24 TV channel Galymzhan Karamanuly. The interesting story of Galymzhan Karamanuly, who joined from London, allowed the webinar listeners not only to feel the atmosphere of London city life, but also turned into a large practical platform.

He answered various questions of students and teachers, shared his vision of the current situation in world and Kazakhstani journalism. To the question of one of the listeners: “The situation with the current quarantine has completely changed the direction of the media sphere. We are gradually moving to digital format. Do you think this has a positive impact on the development of media? " the speaker noted that the digital format provides many opportunities for the development of the media sector and that this format has a great future.

To the question of one of the activists of the faculty Almas Boris: “What can you say about freedom of speech on TV channels in Kazakhstan? For example, according to the results of the annual rating of freedom of speech of the international organization Reporters Without Borders (RBF) (2020), we are ranked 157th. When do you think freedom of speech will be granted? ” He replied that there is freedom of speech in Kazakhstan.

There were many questions from the listeners of the webinar: they discussed such issues as differences in the media spheres of Great Britain and Kazakhstan, the actual topic of the life of a journalist and blogger, how much attention is paid to information literacy in our country, etc. In addition to professional activities, students were interested in the speaker's life position, the reasons for choosing London, etc. At the end of his speech, Galymzhan Karamanuly wished the students and undergraduates good luck on the path of education.

In the period of progressive development of science and technology, the role of mobile journalism is significant. Students were able to get answers to their questions on this topic too. Then the webinar was continued with a lecture in Russian by Sanatbek Seidekhanov. In addition to students, university teachers took an active part in the event.

Сегодня пройдет последний третий день вебинара. Это большая возможность для студентов, будущих журналистов. Студенты, получившие советы и рекомендации от работающих профессионально в этой сфере старших коллег выразили свою благодарность и отметили необходимость продолжения таких мероприятий. По завершению вебинара всем активным участникам был выдан сертификат, подтверждающий прохождение курса.

Today will be the last third day of the webinar. This is a great opportunity for students, future journalists. Students who received advice and recommendations from senior colleagues working professionally in this field expressed their gratitude and noted the need to continue such activities. Upon completion of the webinar, all active participants get a certificate confirming the completion of the course.