Trainees in Online Mode


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The process of distance learning of students has been implementing successfully at the Military Department of Al-Farabi KazNU. Control and monitoring of the quality and frequency of distance education has been carried out by a specially created task force under the leadership of the Head of the Military Department, Reserve Colonel O.V. Azhimov.

Lectures, consultations, and seminars are currently being conducted online at the Department and strictly on schedule. Each trainee is involved in this process. The curators of the training platoons daily contact the students to monitor the progress of the assignments. They also specify their health conditions and moral-psychological attitude.

Understanding how important it is today to maintain a positive attitude and a favorable psychological environment, the leadership and the Trade Union Committee of the Military Department cares about not only the health, but also the mood of their employees. The Trade Union Committee organizes and conducts various online contests and surveys. Everyone liked the fascinating competition for knowledge of military films, and domestic history. Many teachers and trainees of the Military Department have supported online flash mob on «positive poems» launched by A.A. Elmukhambetov and they are taking an active part in the project.

A positive attitude and active work in the online format help the staff of the Military Department in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them during the difficult period of the fight against coronavirus.