"Civil Control"


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May 31, 2018 at the Law Faculty of KazNU named after al-Farabi within the framework of the project The public reception "Civil Control" on the social order of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs held a scientific and practical conference on the topic: "Modern technologies, resources and countermeasures mechanisms corruption in the institutions of the penal system".

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the problems of prevention and prevention of corruption in the criminal-executive system, the mechanisms for disclosing corruption offenses in the criminal-executive system, the legal status and high moral and ethical requirements for personnel in the criminal executive system, and the role of penitentiary institutions in combating corruption.
The scientific-practical conference was attended by representatives of the Department of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Activities in Almaty city, employees of the criminal executive bodies of Almaty city, representatives of law enforcement bodies, Almaty City Bar Association, representatives of human rights organizations and leading scientists of Kazakhstan.

During the conference, the following issues were discussed: the prevention of corruption risks in the penal system, the reduction of corruption risks in penitentiary institutions, the formation of anti-corruption consciousness and anti-corruption culture both among convicts and employees in the system of penal executive bodies.

At the conference, Deputy Head of the Department of the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs in Almaty, Daniyarov G.G., Head of the Project Office "Sanaly urpaq" Tokushev K.A., etc. All speakers noted that the main reason for high corruption risks in the penitentiary institutions are hidden in their closedness.
All present noted that a drastic change in the situation in the institutions of the penal system can be achieved provided that transparency and openness are observed (within the framework of the law).

Preventive measures applied in the system of criminal-executive system should be complex - systemic.

This can be achieved if:

- the creation of working commissions operating in the CES;

- conducting anti-corruption expertise of regulatory legal acts;

- introduction of digitalization;

- Introduction of electronic document circulation;

- ensuring publicity, etc.