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Scientific Supervisor: Full name of the Supervisor, degree, position .

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Volume up to 1 page. Microsoft Word 2003 and above. Page settings: top margin - 2 cm, bottom margin - 2 cm, left margin - 3 cm, right margin 1.5 cm. Font Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman; font size - 12pt.    Line spacing single; paragraph indent - 1 cm; book orientation; without headers and footers and setting pages; the text is justified. Abstracts should not contain graphs, tables, figures or photographs. In addition to abstracts, the file must also contain information about the authors (application for participation); Name the file with your last name.

The organizing committee of the conference reserves the right to reject reports submitted outside the main areas of the conference and publish abstracts that do not meet the above requirements. The text should be edited stylistically and technically. The Organizing Committee does not intend to edit the text of the abstracts. One and the same person cannot be the author or co-author of more than three reports.

The numbering of references to the used literature should be end-to-end [1]. The first link is placed first, and then the second one [2] .

Those wishing to take part in the conference must send by April 2, 2022 to the email address :

- the text of the report that meets the requirements for its design.

- application for participation in the conference.

If one of the above items is missing, the materials will not be accepted for publication.


Participation in the conference is free. Based on the results of the conference, an electronic collection will be published, conference materials will be published on the website of KazNU. al-Farabi 





1. Author1, Author2, Author3. Title of work // Source. - №X( Y ) . - year. - S. X-X . 

2. Author1. Title of work // Source. - №X( Y ) . - year. – S. X-X