Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

worked as dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics from 1980 to 1986

Orynbasarov Mamazhan was born in 1937 in the village of Saryagash, Saryagash region.

  • Education

In 1960 he graduated from Kazakh State University named after. S.M. Kirov

In 1963 he graduated from the graduate school of KazGU S.M. Kirov

  • Work experience

In 1960 - 1996 he worked as a graduate student, assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, head of the Department of Mathematical Physics of the Kazakh National University.

In 1980 - 1986 he worked as the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics

Since 1996 Professor of the Department of Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, Dean of the Junior Department, Head of the Master's program.

  • General work

Awarded with several medals. He is the author of 110 scientific papers, including 83 scientific articles and 1 monograph.