6B07110 Robotic systems

OP name

6B07110 Robotic systems

Field of education

6B071 Engineering as well as engineering

Direction of training

6B071 Engineering as well as engineering

Group of educational programs

Electrical Engineering and Automation


  • To carry out a comprehensive analysis of scientific and technical information of domestic and foreign experience in the development and research of robots, mechatronic and robotic systems in order to research and develop new models and improve existing robots and robotic systems;
  • To own the physical and mathematical instrumental and scientific apparatus necessary to describe the technical characteristics of robots, mechatronic and robotic systems;
  • Justify the structure and main stages of designing robotic systems for the development of design and project documentation for mechanical, electrical and electronic components of mechatronic and robotic systems;
  • Manufacturing and assembling the designed modules of robots and robotic systems observing the technological process;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Loan volume


Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • Critically assess the trends in the use of a package of modern programs in a robotic system for controlling robots and processing information;
  • Own techniques for the development of mock-ups of robots and robotic systems;
  • Participate in preliminary tests of the components of a prototype of a robot or a robotic system according to programs and methods;
  • Conduct laboratory and numerical experiments, evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the results of design and simulation of robots and robotic systems;   

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