6B07111 Space engineering and technology

EP name

6B07111 Space engineering and technology 

Field of education

 Аir transport and technology

Direction of training

6B071 Engineering

Group of educational programs

 Аir transport and technology


  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge in the field of mathematics, physics, mechanics; knowledge of the basics of rocketry; knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of operation of space systems;
  • Possess a mathematical culture, computer literacy for solving engineering problems in the field of space technology and technologies using modern programming languages ​​and software packages;
  • Define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems, applying the principles of mathematics, mechanics and modern computer technology;
  • Conduct a review of scientific and technical literature in the field of space technology and technology, analyze sources of information, highlight the key points of research;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Credit volume


Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • Apply modern software packages for 3D and simulation of spacecraft and their components, as well as for processing satellite data;
  • Analyze and interpret the obtained research results, draw reasoned conclusions on their basis;
  • To process scientific and satellite data, draw informed conclusions based on the results obtained and propose new ideas;
  • Summarize the results of research work, make reports on a given topic, present research results;      

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