6B05403 Mechanics

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6B05403 Mechanics

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6B054 Mathematics and Statistics


  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic mathematical disciplines, namely, mathematical and tensor analysis, linear algebra and analytical geometry, differential equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics, calculus of variations, calculation methods;
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the foundations of mechanics, namely, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of a deformable solid, mechanics of a continuous medium, mechanics of fluid and gas, mechanics of mechanisms, machines and robotic systems;
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge in the field of computer literacy, the basics of programming, the basics of computer modeling;
  • Understand and explain the meaning of basic physical laws, the foundations of chemistry, as well as navigate problems and basic methods of solving them in one of the selected areas of mechanics;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

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Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • Compose computer programs, use modern programming languages ​​and applied software packages to solve problems in mechanics;
  • Carry out research work on the chosen topic, using the studied methods, analyze the results obtained and draw informed conclusions;
  • Summarize the results of research and analytical work, report at student scientific conferences, participate in research projects;
  • Find and analyze information necessary for professional activity using linguistic and linguocultural knowledge, means and methods of information and communication technologies;         

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