6B05402 Мathematics

ЕP name

6B05402 Mathematics

Field of education

 Mathematics and Statistics

Direction of training

 Mathematics and Statistics

Group of educational programs

6B054 Mathematics and Statistics


  • Choose modern mathematical methods and apply them in solving problems of natural science;
  • Justify the behavior of the observed process based on the theory of differential and integral calculus;
  • To compose mathematical models of the investigated object based on the principles and tools of mathematical methods;
  • Solve theoretical and applied problems of natural science;
  • Create applications to software packages to optimize professional activities in the studied fields of science, conduct laboratory and numerical experiments, evaluate the accuracy and reliability of simulation results;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Credit volume


Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate mathematical literacy, logical thinking and knowledge of basic concepts and laws of mathematics, master the mathematical language in the subject area;
  • Find methods for solving scientific problems in new and unfamiliar contexts based on mathematical methods;
  • Use mathematical programming methods and develop new programs to optimize computational processes and production planning;
  • Analyze mathematical models and substantiate the correct choice of a method for solving problems (analytical, numerical, laboratory experiment);
  • Summarize the results of research and analytical work in the relevant fields of science in the form of participation in research projects and presentations at conferences;

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