8D05104 - Genetics

Educational program

8D05104 - Genetics

Field of education

8D05 – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statisticsка

Direction of educational program

8D051 – Biological and related sciences

Group of educational program

D081 - Genetics


The program is aimed at formation of expert’s personality possessing critical thinking and knowledge in the field of general and molecular genetics, gene and cell engineering; able to work with the databases of genetic data obtained from various professional sources, carry out systemic, molecular and population analyses and give a statistically significant evaluation of the experimental data in hand; able to join discussions on genetic topics, substantiate own scientific point of view related to the issues of modern genetics; work in a transdisciplinary and multi-vector team.

Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Volume of the credits


The awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

LO 1 - Analyze specific traits of genetic organization and mechanisms of genetic expression depending on organism’s functioning as that one in the course of evolution;

LO 2 - Assess main trends of the development of advanced ideas and new methods in genetics to solve genetic and gene engineering issues;

LO 3 - Carry out investigations based on advanced technologies of general and molecular genetics to solve current issues of biology, medicine, biotechnology and ecology;

LO 4 - Work out international, national, branch and regional programs and projects on general and molecular genetics, events to screen or prevent genetic diseases;

LO 5 - Elaborate and explore new methods of molecular-genetic research possessing high analytical and clinical-diagnostic reliability;

LO 6 - Explain the results of genetic investigations to compile working hypothesis for scientific problem;

LO 7 - Summarize key principles of modern theory and methodology of genetics, molecular biology and gene engineering to develop and implement transdisciplinary research;  

LO 8 - Line up research, production and teaching activities based on ethical and legal standards in human relations and principles of bioethics in respect of living organisms;

LO 9 - Incorporate molecular genetic outputs acquired in the course of research projects and theses in educational process and production internships;

LO 10 - Launch proposals to upgrade breeding and genetic, genetic engineering activities in centers and laboratories of biological, medical, and agricultural profiles;

LO 11 - Develop educational programs including basic and applied courses based on the student-oriented approach by using digital technologies, interactive methods, forms and tools to solve educational tasks of full-time, dual, distant and inclusive education;

LO 12 - Apply own professional skills in field of modern genetic research under international cooperation, transdisciplinary mode and business incubation based on algorithms of the pilot and long-term genetic investigation; support development of science and society.

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