8D02101 Design


EP name

8D02101 Design

Education area

8D02 Arts and Humanities

Training direction

8D021 Arts

Group of educational programs

D035 Fashion, design

The goal

High-quality training of professional personnel for the scientific and educational sphere of higher educational institutions, capable of:

  • build a system of knowledge in the field of art and design as a scientific, theoretical and methodological basis of the dissertation;
  • conceptualize, design and implement a project to generate new knowledge;
  • develop scientific, cultural, social, educational, design, multimedia projects that have scientific and social value;
  • realize yourself in the research field in the field of design, art and related fields.

Language of instruction

russian, kazakh, english

Volume of credits


Academic degree awarded


Learning outcomes

  1. Build strategies for presenting the results of their research papers; apply design thinking to solve a wide range of business problems.
  2. Critically evaluate the importance of individual researchers, authors, journals and research centers for the scientific field.
  3. Critically analyze and evaluate modern scientific achievements, including in the field of design and art.
  4. Generate theoretical constructs and Research questions.
  5. Learn the basic premises of the theory of new media and get an idea of the history and logic of the development of new media; skills in collecting, processing and structuring graphic, text, video and audio information; create a scientific work using modern methods and technologies of scientific communication.
  6. Conduct experimental research in the field of design using digital technologies;
  7. Identify a research question aimed at solving fundamental problems in the field of design.
  8. Perform interdisciplinary research in the field of design.
  9. Select relevant sources, as well as research methods and strategies for formulating a scientific hypothesis.
  10. Identify target journals for publication, speak at conferences and seminars to test the results of research.
  11. Implement and adjust a comprehensive research process using bibliometric data analysis for professional purposes.
  12. Determine the importance of design in the implementation of the sustainable development strategy.

Information for applicants


Academic activities


Scientific activities


International activities

  1. University of Wyoming (USA);
  2. Ohio University (USA);
  3. University of Oklahoma (USA);
  4. Columbia University (USA);
  5. University of Arizona (USA);
  6. Duke University (USA);
  7. UniversityofLeicester (USA);
  8. Istanbul State University (Turkey);
  9. St. Petersburg State University (Russia);
  10. University named after A. Mitskevich (Poland);
  11. International University of Journalism (USA);
  12. Penza Federal University (Russia);
  13. Institute for Advanced Training of Television and Radio Broadcasting Workers (Russia);
  14. Eurasian International Academy of Television and Radio;
  15. M. Ulugbek Tashkent State University (Uzbekistan).

Quality assurance (Accreditation, rating, work with employers)