Scientific schools of the faculty

  1. Mathematics and computer science the theory of computational processes, pattern recognition, neural networks, and neural network technologies (Dyusembaev A. E.)
  2.   Mathematical and computer modeling, interval analysis, forecasting, biometrics, robotics (Sh.A. dZhomarova)
  3. High-Performance Analysis and analytics of large data, programming on microcontrollers (Ahmed-Zaki Darkhan Zhumakanovich)
  4.  artificial intelligence and robotics systems (Amirgaliyev Edilkhan Nesipkhanovich )
  5. computer modeling of combustion  processes, hydrogas dynamics, and pharmacokinetics (Urmashev Baidaulet Amantayevich )
  6.  Informatics, informatization in education (Kerimbayev Nurasyl Nurymovich)
  7. computer engineering and modeling (Balakayeva Gulnar Tultayevna)