The main subjects taught by teachers of the department of biophysics, biomedicine and neuroscience

Bachelor's degree:

Name of Educational Program (EP) Disciplines taught
 6В05108 – Biomedicine:  

-        Human physiology

-        Hematology

-        Biomedical information processing methods

-        Biomedical tools and equipment

-        Phytotherapy

-        Chronomedicine

-        Medical biophysics




-        Fundamental Biophysics

-        Cell and tissue biology

-        Mathematics with the basics of mathematical statistics in Biophysics

-        Fundamental Physiology

-        Physical measurement methods in biophysics

 6В05105 – Genetics:  -        Human and animal anatomy and physiology

-        Immunology


6В05103 – Biotechnology:


-        Plant and animal physiology

-        Fundamental Biophysics


6В05109 – Neuroscience:


-        Brain plasticity and development

-        Objects and face recognition

-        Neural Networks and deep learning

-        Social and cultural Neuroscience

-        Neuroscience of emotion and motivation

-        Biophysics


Master’s degree:

Name of Educational Program (EP) Disciplines taught
 7M05101 – Biology:  

-        Selected chapters of Chronobiology

-        Theoretical Biology

 7M05102 – Biomedicine:  

-        Selected chapters of Gerantology and Chronophysiology

-        Theoretical Вiomedicine

-        Cell physiology in normal and pathological 

-        Biophysical and physiological bases of acupuncture

-        Chronodiagnosis and Chronotherapy

-        Molecular Endocrinology


7M05103 – Biophysics:


-        Theoretical Biology

-        General principles of Chronobiology

-        Mechanisms of oxidative stress

-        Molecular mechanisms of membrane processes

-        Modern problems of Medical Biophysics

 7М05104 – Biology:  

-        Modern educational technologies in biology

-        The use of a virtual laboratory in biological education

-        Digital content in biological education  

-        Methods of teaching biology for the renewed program

-        Inclusive biological education

7М05109 – Neuroscience:

-        Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience 

-        Brain-computer interface

-        Neuronal Networks and Artificial Intelligence

-        Neuromechanism of Decision Making

-        Current problems of neurodegenerative deseases


Doctoral degree:

Name of Educational Program (EP) Disciplines taught

8D05101 – Biology:


-        Biophysics of regulatory processes

-        Physiology of Metabolism and Energy

-        The principles of the general theory of functional systems

 8D05102 – Biomedicine:  

-        Cell pathology

-        Melatonin and metabolic syndrome

-        Molecular basis of carcinogenesis

-        Oncoimmunology

 8D05103 -Biophysics  

-        Thermodynamics of biological processes

-        Basic principles of the temporary organization of biosystems

-        Electromagnetic fields and wildlife/

-        Theoretical biophysics

-        Free radical processes in biology

 8D05109 – Neuroscience:  

-        Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 

-        Brain Signals Processing 

-        Behavioral Neuroscience

-        Neural Plasticity, Learning and Memory

-        Behavioral Neuroscience