Sultanbaeva Gulmyra Serikbaevna


Academic degree: Doctor of Political Science
Academic title: Associate Professor
Scientific direction: Political Sciences
Region: Kazakhstan
Rating: 51 (by the number of views of the questionnaire for the last month)
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Sultanbayeva Gulmira Serikbayevna was born on 01.01.1972 in the village of Bolshevik in the Kirov district of the Shymkent region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Al-Farabi Kazakh State University (1994), postgraduate studies (1997). In 1998, she defended her PhD thesis on "Sattar Yerubayev – journalist, publicist", in 2011 – her doctoral thesis on "Political communication in the media: foreign experience and Kazakhstan". 
Director of the Scientific Center for Humanitarian Studies "Mediasphere", Professor of the Department of Press and Electronic Media of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
Member of the National Information Network of Journalists of Kazakhstan since 2006; Member of the Youth Media Union of Kazakhstan since 2007; Consultant of the women's magazine "Aruzhan" since 2009 and the information and methodological magazine "Teacher of Almaty-Almaty Ustazy".
Research interests: theory and practice of political communication, problems of e-democracy, study of the experience of forming e-government in Kazakhstan.
Author of textbooks "Sattar Yerubaev-publicist", - Almaty, 2000, "Fundamentals of theory and practice of political communication", - Almaty, 2006, electronic textbook "Fundamentals of theory and practice of political communication", monograph "Political communication in the media: foreign experience and Kazakhstan", - Almaty, 2010 and more than 130 scientific and 30 journalistic materials.
Internships: Youth Eight to cover the Global Meeting, St. Petersburg, 2006; XI International Summer School of Journalism at St. Petersburg University "Corporate Media: Experience, problems, prospects", St. Petersburg, 2008; Advanced training course for teachers of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University at University College London, Great Britain, London, 2008; multimedia course of the International Institute of Journalism TOL of the Czech Republic. Prague, 2011, Forum with the participation of the winners of the 2012 Pulitzer Prizes at Hong Kong Baptist University, scientific events dedicated to the Kazakh-Polish dialogue, Poland, 2013
Head and executor of the following research projects: "Main directions of science development in Kazakhstan and prospects"; "National idea and its artistic development in Kazakh literature and art" within the framework of the state program "National Idea - as the basis for the development of Kazakhstan" - 2006-2009; "Cultural and philosophical paradigm of the Kazakh model of development in the context of globalization (Kazakhstan-Zheruyyk)" - 2009-2011.; "Nursultan Nazarbayev and solving the problems of transformation of Kazakhstan and society in modern conditions" - 2009-2011, "From an intellectual nation to an intellectual potential: development of technology for information and communication effects on the masses", "Development of humanitarian technologies in the formation of public consciousness of a citizen of an intellectual society" - 2012-2014 within the framework of the state program "Intellectual Potential of the country".
Winner of the State Scholarship for young talented scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2006-2008 and the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best teacher of the Year – 2009".
Scientific publications:
1. Political communication in mass media: foreign experience and Kazakhstan. Monograph. Kazakh University, 2012. 19.43 p. l.
2. Civilization dialogues: concord dialectics between west and east / XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference // The value system of modern society. UK, 19-23 January 2012
3. Features of translation of Kazakh and English set expressions and idioms with numerative seven / World Conference on Psychology and Sociology. Antalya, 28 November – 1 01 December 2012.
4. Issues of Media Democracy: on the Basis of Kazakhstan’s Experience // 2nd Cyprus International conference on educational researches. Cyprus. 13-15 February 2013
5. Modern Kazakhstan: the development of political communication in the media / Modern science-intensive technologies / / Academy of Natural Sciences. - M: 2008. - No. 12-p. 54-55.

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