Sagatbek Medeubekyly Medeubek


Sagatbek Medeubek started his career in 1984-86 as an editor at the Oner publishing house.
- 1986-89 Postgraduate student of the M. O. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- 1989-91-editor in the publishing house " Art;In 1991-95, he was a laboratory assistant, senior laboratory assistant, junior researcher, research associate, senior researcher at the M. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- April 1993 defended his PhD thesis on the topic: "genre of oral literature;- 1992-93 in the newspaper "Zhetysu",

- 1993-97-editor of the department of the republican newspaper " Ana tili;- Since 1997, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism, Associate Professor;

- 1999-2001-Editor-in-chief of the newspaper " Kazakh University";

- 2001-2003-Head of the Master's program of the Faculty;

- From 2003 to 2006, Deputy Dean for Science;

- Since 2006, head of the literary creative association named after M. Seralin;

Since 2008-Head of the department.Books: sundet toy. Scientific and educational book. "Art" Almaty, 1993;

Oyu Khan and ubirai Khan. Educational picture book for children.

"Flame", 1994;The secret of tools in clay. (With O. Beysenbekuly), "native language", Almaty, 1995.;Dombra.

"Art", Almaty, 1996;Mind. A parable. The will. "Sanat", Almaty, 1996;Kui semirechye. (With B. Muptekeev), "Art", Almaty, 1998;Melodies of Zhetysu. (With B. Muptekeev), "Art", Almaty, 1998;Oyu Khan and ubirai khan. Educational book for children. Reprint in Kazakh, Russian and English. "Balar adebieti", Almaty, 2004.Compiled by: Boltirik Atykhanovich. Poems, sagas, aitys, studies. "Kainar", Almaty, 2002;Mukatai Zhylkaidarovich. "Aikhai, mir!", "Zhalyn", Almaty, 2003.;The nest where the journalists were flying. A book of an encyclopedic nature, published for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Journalism. "Kazakh University", Almaty, 2004;Meirman akyn Darkenbaevich. False poems-stories, legends, research. Almaty, 2005;Songs: "Karkara". The text and melody are different. 2000 Diploma winner of the contest " to the New Century-a new song";"Alatau". The text and melody are different. Winner of the contest "Modern Kazakh song", organized by the foundation” Forty Kazakhstan " and the National Conservatory named after him.Kurmangazy."Reflections of Shakarim". Shakarim's text. He took 1st place at the IV Republican contest of patriotic songs "Elim menin".


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