The laboratory of "Pulsed Plasma Accelerators "

e Laboratory of Pulsed Plasma Accelerators is engaged in the study of physical processes in plasma and its applications. The work is carried out in the following areas:

- Formation of the plasma flow and its diagnostics; technology of production of thin films and powders; production of metal nanopowders and their application.

- To develop and test a set of nuclear-physical methods for the diagnosis of pulsed dense plasma; to determine the features of the formation of plasma clots in pulsed installations of the Plasma Focus type; to conduct a study of the radiation destruction of electrode materials and reactor walls in PF-type installations.

- diagnostics of pulsed dense plasma; experimental modeling of processes in high-power pulsed discharges.

The laboratory operates a pulsed vacuum arc accelerator (VDU-1) and a coaxial plasma accelerator. 1 associate professor, doctoral of physical and mathematical sciences, 2 candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, 2 doctoral students, 3 master students, 3 bachelor students are actively engaged in scientific activities.


Vacuum arc installation

 Research work of masters and doctoral students.

Professor Zhukeshov A.M and doctoral student

Fermakhan K. during the experiment

CPA -30 installation