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Dear teachers, employees and students!

In order to increase mental and emotional well-being, prevention and prevention of emotional burnout, from February 17, 2021, the Institute of New Educational Technologies in conjunction with the Department of General and Applied Psychology. al-Farabi launches online training "Virtual Psychological lounge".

  • Are you tired of working / studying in the distance?
  • Constant work or incomplete tasks do not give you time to relax and unwind?
  • Do you often feel tired and lacking in energy?
  • Postpone the case to a “long box” or on the next Monday?

Exhale, do not restrain yourself and join our psychological living room, where you can share any of your experiences, problems and worries, as well as relax for your own benefit!

Moreover, you can do it now, without registration and SMS, and also absolutely anonymously! Follow the link below to our collaboration board - Padlet and leave your anonymous notes, and already at the next training you will be able to find support, motivation and recommendations for solving problem situations that have arisen!

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How do you know that your partner is prone to violence?

Kabakova M.P. - Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor,

Kalymbetova E.K. - Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor,

Sadvakasova Z.M. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

10th of March


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Access code: 767713
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Feelings of ANXIETY: What are the causes of "causeless" anxiety and how to eliminate them?

The nature and mechanism of anxiety.
Portrait and consequences of anxiety on human mental health.
Keys to Reducing Human Anxiety

Sadvakasova Zukhra Maratovna

Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology

From thought to an action!

“To justify ourselves in our own eyes, we often convince ourselves that we are unable to achieve the goal; in fact, we are not powerless, but weak-willed. " Francois de La Rochefoucauld

During the training you will learn:

* How to form habits that will lead us to success?

* How to focus on the essentials and set priorities?

* How to move from thoughts to action?

Master of sciences,

Karabalina Zh.B.

8 777 002 1941


Additional Information:Ilya Igorevich Krugovykh (Marketing Analyst at the Institute of New Educational Technologies)

Contacts: +7 (705) 544-59-30; e-mail:

Respectfully, team of the Institute of New Educational Technologies and the Department of General and Applied Psychology of after al-Farabi KazNU.