6В02303 – Foreign Philology (Western Languages)

6В02303 – Foreign Philology (Western Languages)

Faculty Philology and World Languages
Department Foreign Philology and Translation Studies
Code and classification of the field of education
6B02 Art and Humanities
Code and classification of the training field
6B023 Art and Humanities
Field of study
6B023 Languages and Literature
Group of educational programs
B036 Translation Studies 
Purpose of the educational program
Training of specialists who are fluent in a foreign language in its literary form (English, German, French, Spanish) demonstrating knowledge of basic principles and concepts in the field of theory and history of foreign language and literature, communication theory, linguistic analysis and interpretation of the text, the current state and prospects of development of foreign languages, able to carry out professional activities in the educational institutions of different types as well as in the field of intercultural communication and public relations, in the field of media and management, in publishing houses and editorial offices of special journals, in the field of philological research in the field of literature and linguistics.
Objectives of the educational program
  • implementation of the acquired knowledge in practice, the maximum possible application of them in the field of professional activity;
  • mastering the state language and two foreign languages; 
  • mastering the psychological foundations of the process of teaching foreign languages, the psychology of mastering foreign languages at various stages of training.
Academic degree
Bachelor of Linguistics


People with full secondary education are allowed to be accepted for the program. 

The Bachelor's degree program provides for the study of the following modules:

  1. basic mandatory ones; 
  2. basic elective ones; 
  3. professional elective ones; 
  4. transferable.

The training of translators is carried out in the following pairs of languages:

  • Kazakh ← Russian
  • Kazakh → Russian
  • Kazakh ↔ German
  • Kazakh ↔ English
  • Kazakh ↔ Turkish
  • Russian ↔ English
  • Russian ↔ German


Master classes:

  • Kazakh; 
  • Russian; 
  • English; 
  • Turkish; 
  • German.


There is a common practice to invite major domestic and foreign translators professionals and specialists to organize master classes.


Admission is based on the results of the UNT.

Admission of foreign citizens is carried out in accordance with the established procedure.


Career prospects: presidential administration; parliament; government; judicial authorities; embassies (of Kazakhstan and foreign countries); central executive and other state bodies; local and state executive bodies; publishing business; mass media; political companies; international companies; domestic and foreign organizations (enterprises, institutions, firms, etc.); international cultural centers; information and advertising agencies; individual entrepreneurship, etc.


Prospects for further research and educational activities: master's degree in domestic and foreign universities.