Negotiations within the framework of a double diploma between the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the Agricultural and Technological Institute of PFUR


Today, the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology was visited by guests from the PFUR University of Agrarian Technology Institute Director Elvira Anvarbekovna and Deputy for International Relations Vladislav Vadimovich Plushenko. PFUR University representatives told us about their achievements and educational programs. We found common views and points of contact. To date, a preliminary agreement has been reached to develop an educational program for a double degree in agricultural biotechnology.Today, this new direction in biotechnology needs specialists who have a universal set of knowledge. Since the sphere of interests of agricultural biotechnologists includes almost all areas of modern biotechnology. The knowledge gained in the framework of the double diploma (KazNU and PFUR) will allow graduates to solve the following professional tasks: the creation of homogeneous plants with desired qualities, the production of stress-resistant plants, the study of the physiology of genetically modified crops, the control of products containing GMO.


International scientific and practical conference «The 5th Symposium on EuroAsian Biodiversity (SEAB-2021)»


International scientific and practical conference «The 5th Symposium on EuroAsian Biodiversity (SEAB-2021)» was held from July 1 to July 3 in a hybrid format (online and offline, at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the building of the Al-Farabi Library) and online in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University (Turkey) .

This international conference has been attended to date by 153 participants from 4 Continents such as Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

During the preparation of this event, more than 150 applications for participation were received, on the basis of which a compilation of theses with a volume of 292 pages was published for the opening, including 53 poster and 77 oral reports from 21 countries — Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Austria, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Vietnam, Latvia, Australia, Pakistan, China, Japan, Hungary, Spain and USA.

The plenary session of the conference was held in two stages. In the first part of the plenary session, 5 reports were presented by scientists who made a huge contribution to the study of the problem of biodiversity conservation on the planet:

  1.   Rector of Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Western Australian Biodiversity Institute Adjunct Professor of Conservation Biology, CQUniversity Australia
    1. Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
      1. - Lecturer of Management of Aquatic Resources: Marine Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy and

The wide geography of the participants confirms the relevance of the topic of the conference and the issues considered within its framework. This conference allowed to take stock of the issues of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the world on a wide range of issues united in 4 sections.

Studies of key plant and animal species allow scientists to draw conclusions about the state of the ecosystem as a whole, assess the impact of climate warming and anthropogenic pollution on fragile nature. Some data which are presented on the impact of human activity on biodiversity can be taken into account when planning economic activities and developing new innovative solutions for doing socially responsible business around the world.

The organizers of the conference express special gratitude to all participants of the plenary session for the provided relevant and interesting reports and express deep gratitude to the heads of organizations and their divisions who delegated their representatives to participate in the conference and special gratitude to each participant who found the opportunity to participate in the oral, poster session and absentee participation in the conference during a pandemic.


Round table "Space technologies in the service of humanity»


On 21.05.2021, teachers and doctoral students of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology took an active part in a round table organized by the library named after the First President. At the event, doctoral students of our Department of Biotechnology received answers to their questions. During the round table on the topic "Space monitoring", the following questions were discussed: What device is used for Space monitoring of agriculture and emergency situations, the environment, what is the peculiarity of its construction and what problems are currently used for space monitoring and what is its effectiveness?", " Can the results of space research help to find a positive solution to this problem?".
Doctoral students of the Department of Biotechnology took an active part: Malik Azhar Malikkyzy, Mashzhan Akzhigit, Evloeva Hava, Talipova Aizhan, Narmuratova Zhanar, Mustafayeva Zhuldyz.
At the end of the round table, the Director of the State Institution "Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy", Candidate of Political Science Temirbolat Bakhytzhan Berikbayevich noted that the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the best educational institutions in Kazakhstan and the best university for training young scientists and qualified specialists.


Online meeting with Academician of KazNAEN, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Zhubanova Azhar Akhmetovna, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the topic " Tauelsizdik-el tugyry!".


On 30.04.2021, an online meeting was held by Academician of KazNAEN, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Zhubanova Azhar Akhmetovna, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the topic " Tauelsizdik-el tugyry!".
During the online meeting, students of the Department of Biotechnology of the 4th year held a conversation with Zhubanova Azhar Akhmetovna.
The main purpose of the meeting: to introduce the achievements of our country for 30 years of independence, to expand knowledge, and also to explain that in order to love the Motherland, to protect its wealth, to ensure the future prosperity of our motherland Kazakhstan, we need knowledgeable and competent, versatile young students.


Invitation to an open lesson


Invitation to an open lesson
Dear teachers, students and undergraduates!
We invite you to an open lesson within the framework of pedagogical practice on the topic "We are young professionals of the future", which will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform. Login link:
Date: April 30, 2021
Time: 10:00
Language: Kazakh
Responsible master students: 1st year master students of the specialty "Biotechnology" Ongdassynova Damira, Tolegen Nurkhanym 
Head of pedagogical practice: Bauenova M. O.