Residents of the good city

In honor of the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi, an open educational hour in online format on the theme "Residents of the good city" was organized by 1st year undergraduates majoring in Kazakh philology (23.11.2020).  Our undergraduates analyzed the six chapters of Abu Nasir al-Farabi's book "Treatises on the People of the Good City", which are considered in each section of the book, looking for convenient ways to build a good society.  Al-Farabi believes that the main goal of state policy is to bring happiness and prosperity to the people.  He emphasizes that "happiness is the most precious, the greatest, the most perfect of all blessings" and that everyone has every right to it.  He says that only city dwellers, who are ruled by good rulers, have the right to be happy.  Our undergraduates also asked interesting questions and shared interesting facts about al-Farabi.  Another lesson from today's lesson is that we are convinced that our undergraduates are young people with quick thinking, deep analysis, strong, necessary for real science.

Curator-adviser,  Cаndidаtе of Philologicаl Sciеncеs А/Profеssor   Ramazanova Sh. A.