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Topic: A comprehensive study of Common reed (Phragmites australis) resources, its ecosystem importance and potential for sustainable utilization in bioeconomy

Project manager: Project manager: Nurtazin Sabir Temirgalievich, Ph.D. Sci., Professor of the Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources, KazNU named after al-Farabi 

 Objective of the project:

The project aims to study the current reed biomass resources and their distribution in the deltas and floodplains of the Ili and the Syr Darya rivers depending on environmental and anthropogenic factors. Cartographic zoning of reed bed areas depending on environmental and economic importance is a part of the goal.

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources

Phd. Salmurzauli Ruslan with Niels Tivs, Doctor of Graifswald University, in the Ile River Delta


Common reed (Pragmites australis) thickets