The best teachers and staff

Incentive for Development

Since 2010, a system of indicative planning and activity rating based on balanced performance and indicators in all areas of the University activities has been introduced and is successfully functioning at Al-Farabi KazNU. By increasing the motivation and responsibility of employees, the rating system contributes to the development of competitive advantages and achievement of leadership positions of the University among the leading HEIs of the world.

Galym Mutanov, Rector of Al-Farabi KazNU, has announced a new ambitious objective for the collective – to become a world-class research university and enter the global ranking of the top 100 HEIs.

In accordance with the strategy of transformation into the world-class university the main strategic directions of KazNU are: improving the quality of training of specialists; development and enhancement of research and innovation activities; educational and social work; improving the efficiency of financial and economic activities; development of international cooperation and increasing international recognition.

In this context, indicative planning of activities of the teaching staff, Departments, Faculties and the University as a whole becomes particularly important, contributing to the efficiency of coordination of subdivisions and development of competent decisions affecting the main processes of the University.

The purpose of the rating evaluation of the activities of the teaching staff, Departments, Faculties is to stimulate the growth of qualification, professionalism and productivity of scientific and pedagogical, educational, image and other activities.

At the beginning of each academic year, the target values for performance indicators are determined. The achievement of the planned indicators is monitored twice a year – in January and June. The teaching staff, Departments and Faculties are ranked based on rating points at the end of each year. The highest ranked staff in each category are assigned salary allowances approved by the University Academic Council. The results of the rating are taken into account in the competitive selection to fill the positions of the teaching staff, heads of Departments and the conclusion of an individual employment contract, and are placed in the University corporate system. A list of the leading teaching staff and the heads of Departments is published on the University website.

Based on the results of the rating, the best teachers and employees are awarded certificates of merit, letters of thanks from the University Rector, medals established by KazNU, as well as institutional and state awards.  

At the same time, the University employees are subject to the Regulation on Encouragement Wages based on Setting the Labor Participation Ratio, which is implemented by the head of the structural unit.

Thus, the rating system contributes to the implementation of an effective personnel policy and increasing the motivation of the teaching staff, the identification of individual abilities and professional skills, increasing responsibility at all levels, legal and social security of University employees.