The contest of young speakers has ended


         On November 19, in honor of the World Philosophy Day, the winners of the contest of young speakers on the theme "Al-Farabi and Modernity", organized by Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the birth of Abu Nasir al-Farabi, were determined.  The awards ceremony was broadcast live on the official account of the Al-Farabi Center @ farabicenter2020.   

            At the final award ceremony, Vice-Rector for Social Development Sh.E.  Zhamanbalaeva: “I would like to thank all the participants who took an active part in this contest.  I am very glad that young people are interested in event.  Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is making every effort to show the world the great heritage of the scientist and spread it among young people.  This event is also held in this direction.

         I think that this event opened the way for a deeper study and research of Al-Farabi's work.  I hope that in the future the ideas of the great thinker will be used in their life experience.

         I wish you success in this work.”-she congratulated.

         Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science Aliya Masalimova, Head of the Department of Philosophy Aset Kranbek, Director of the Al-Farabi Center Bekzhan Berikbayevich continued their congratulatory speech and awarded the winners with diplomas and prizes.

          The names of the winners have been announced in the following nominations: "Virtuous city" - the key to happiness today», «Al-Farabi and music theory» , «Al-Farabi – the philosophy of happiness»,  «Al-Farabi's philosophy and integrity», «Al-Farabi and Abay: continuity of ideas», « Al-Farabi and the formation of science».

         About 150 works from schoolchildren and high school students, university students and other categories of participants took part in the contest.  First, second and third places were awarded.  Students from our country and abroad took part in the contest for young speakers.  The winners were determined in two formats, based on the results of voting by the jury members and the number of likes and comments.

           A second-year student of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​of Turkmenistan, Joshkun Atakhanov, who won first place in the nomination “Al-Farabi’s philosophy and integrity,” said: “We got to know the works of Al-Farabi better, thanks to the contest.  We have explored our knowledge of philosophy deeper.  Ultimately, I won.  Thanks to the organizers!” - he said.

          The evaluating work was begun on October from 15 to 30.  The jury worked on evaluating the work of the contestants and determining the winners and prize-winners.  All videos of the participants of the event were posted on the website of the Al-Farabi Center, on the youtube channel, in the @ farabicenter2020 official account and shown in a public format.  


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