Digital volunteers

Mission - active assistance in the development of electronic (E-learning) education at the University; 

Digital volunteer – an student who acts as an assistant for students / teachers and provides information and technical support for the learning process using digital educational resources and distance learning technologies at the University;


  • technical support for students / teachers on the use of remote technologies and digital tools in the educational process of the University;
  • assistance in organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, advanced training courses with teachers and students;
  • participate in beta testing programs for experimental features of various platforms, new digital tools, and virtual laboratories;
  • prepare recommendations for improving the efficiency of work using digital tools and distance learning technologies;
  • participate in events to inform University students about the goals, objectives, and new digital educational tools / resources.


Team of digital volunteers: 






Amanov Mekan (Turkmenistan)

8 707 907 0803

Turkmen, Russian

Shristi Agarwal (India)

8 747 276 9832

Hindi, English

Hala Al Tamini (Jordan)

8 777 233 4915



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