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Master degree program

Speciality Code: Speciality: Faculty:
7M04121 Islamic Finance Higher School of Economics and Business


  • Qualification: Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Economic Sciences



Upon completion of this educational program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
ON1 – To analyze the implementation of Islamic financial products and technologies in various spheres of society in Kazakhstan and CIS countries, taking into account compliance with International standards of Islamic Finance IIOFI
ON2 – Conduct research on the development of Islamic Finance in Kazakhstan on the basis of studying foreign experience and to develop recommendations for the implementation of investment instruments, Sukuk, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Istisna
ON3 –To develop a methodical portfolio for the implementation of training activities; to explain the content of the methodical portfolio, to enter into discussion in the process of its discussion for the purpose of reasoned protection.
ON4 –To make an expert opinion based on the principles of Sharia in the operations of Ijara, Ijara ua-Iktina; to assess compliance with modern requirements
ON5 –To diagnose the method of application and introduction of Takaful insurance products in the insurance market of Kazakhstan and to determine the main directions of their investment in the international financial markets, as well as the Sukuk markets
ON6 –Identify trends and patterns of use of Islamic financial instruments in modern practice; analyze information from various sources in global computer networks
ON7 –Develop business plans together with corporate clients of the Bank; assess the feasibility of joint business on the basis of Islamic products Mudaraba, Musharak, Murabaha, Salam, Istisna
ON8 –Assess the profitability and risks of the Bank when financing individuals through retail financing products - Commodity Murabaha, Housing Murabaha
ON9 – Use modern science-based techniques, methods and means of teaching Islamic Finance; modern methods of teaching Islamic Finance; innovative and interactive technologies
ON10 –Create payment and settlement documents for the purpose of implementation of Islamic banking products for effective service; attract funds of individuals and legal entities to create a Deposit base of the Bank and their further investment
ON11 –Create packages of documents on Islamic card products (current Deposit), Mudaraba (investment Deposit), Vakala (Agency Deposit) when servicing individuals; calculate the profitability of operations and make proposals on the choice of Deposit types
ON12 -Build professional relationships with clients on the basis of equal partnership with clients in accordance with the principles of Sharia; work in a team; take into account socio-cultural differences between people in professional activities; flexibly adapt to non-standard situations that inevitably occur at work; independently master new information technologies.


  Data for 2017-2020 years