DIREKT International project

Developing Transregional Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning [DIREKT]


     Al-Farabi KazNU won an international project funded by Erasmus + carried out from 15.10.2016 to 14.10.2019 in cooperation with 14 foreign universities and organizations.

Official site of the project DIREKT Online Information Literacy Module Platform https://direkt-cbhe.com/

Aims of the project:

To create, with librarians and faculty, curriculum-integrated IL programs (embedded in the three cycle system bachelor/master/doctorate). To further the Bologna Process for a Europe of Knowledge by developing Information Literacy (IL) programs for use in curricula in HE and society at large. To support quality assurance and recognition of qualifications for the development of lifelong learning in higher education and in society at large

Achieved results of participation in the project:

- Development of innovative IL Modules for lifelong learning https://direkt-cbhe.com/#modules

- Harmonization of IL programs with curricula that are currently implemented

- Strengthening the capacity of higher education institutions for strategic planning and implementation of IL programs

- Implemented the use of the online platform LibGuides for researching libraries and information literacy https://direkt-cbhe.com/direkt-online-information-literacy-module-platform/

DIREKT Online Information Literacy Module Platform

The DIREKT Online Information Literacy (IL) Module Platform, is one of the key deliverables in the DIREKT project to ensure the sustainability of the DIREKT project results and for promoting the importance of Information Literacy in the Partner Countries into the future. The Platform, which is a product of Workpackage four of the DIREKT project,

offers our Partners in Russia, China and Kazakhstan a highly inventive, innovative and unique collaborative treasury of information literacy (IL) resources, expert content in the IL field and library related content. As was envisaged in the original project application, the Platform both enriches and supports the highly innovative eight module DIREKT Curriculum for Information Literacy that is being taught physically in classrooms in the Partner Countries, and is a vitally important online presence which supports the eight module Curriculum.

The Platform has made the highly innovative LibGuides function available to our Partners in Russia, China and Kazakhstan. Owing to the delivery of the DIREKT Online IL Module platform in the project, Librarians and other staff in the Partner Countries can use LibGuides to curate knowledge and share information, organize class and subject specific resources, and create and manage content, resources and websites. The DIREKT project partners can now increase their usage of their Information Literacy and library resources and content and effectively and actively market their Information literacy programmes and initiatives as well as their library services using LibGuides. The Platform also has its impressive “LibAnswers” functionality which enables Libraries in Russia, China and Kazakhstan  to ensure their library users get the answers they need, whenever and wherever.

The Platform offers the DIREKT project partners unique and immense possibilities to collaborate both with partners in the DIREKT project Consortium from Russia, China and Kazakhstan as well as the entire international community. Through the DIREKT Online Information Literacy Module Platform, the Partners can now use an international network of over 6,000 libraries in 82 countries and over 130,000 librarians to deliver quality content in the Information Literacy and Library and Information Science (LIS) field. The Platform makes available to the Partners, key tools and resources which allows them to write, develop and share IL content between the consortium partners.

The partners can use the extensive knowledge base of information and library related materials available via the Platform and the international library community the Platform connects to. The partners can use these resources in a highly dynamic and interactive way and in a process that is Partner Country led. Owing to the delivery of this highly significant and far reaching platform in the project, the Partners can now lead the writing of content, the design, copying and sharing of content and the reusability of IL and Library related resources into the future, depending on their needs and the needs of the particular institution or University.


Through participation in the DIREKT project, critical problems and gaps were identified in the provision of university educational services, and in the sphere of librarianship and information literacy, as well as the availability of library and information services for all university students. The developed DIREKT Information Literacy training modules led to a change in educational programs that were already existing, DIREKT became the first project in Kazakhstan aimed at meeting the needs of librarians, teachers and students in information literacy training.

These developments and materials are freely available and are recommended for all specialties and levels of study (bachelor / master / doctorate), resources and material can be downloaded and used as the main and additional literature in the development of syllabuses and educational programs.


Module 1 English for Specific Purposes https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-1-english-for-specific-purposes/

Module 2 IL Marketing skills for Academic staff and librarians https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-2-il-marketing-skills-for-academic-staff-and-librarians/

Module 3 Information Literacy 1 – for Librarians to train them to help learners find and use information effectively and ethically https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-3-information-literacy-for-librarians/

Module 4 Information Literacy 2 – for Librarians to train them to help learners access information online and in print https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-4-information-literacy-2-for-librarians/

Module 5 Information Literacy 3 – Innovative online library services for 21st Century Librarians https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-5-information-literacy-3-innovative-online-library-services-for-21st-century-librarians/

Module 6 Information Literacy and Academic Writing 1 https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-6-information-literacy-and-academic-writing-1/

Module 7 Information Literacy and Academic Writing 2 https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-7-information-literacy-and-academic-writing-2/

Module 8 English for Professional Purposes https://direkt-cbhe.com/modules/module-8-english-for-professional-purposes/


Administrative staff:

- Sultangalieva Gulmira Salimzhanovna - project coordinator - doctor of historical sciences, professor, head. Department of World History, Historiography and Source Study


- Tuenbaeva Kalima Toleubaevna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the Al-Farabi Library


- Karagoishieva Danel Almasbekovna, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies


Working group:

Technical staff:

Erkin Serikzhanovich Tastankulov - Head of the Center for Development and Communications of the Al-Farabi Library

email: Tastankulov.y@gmail.com


Beisenbekov Askhat - Head of the Department of Automation of Library Information Processes of the Al-Farabi Library

email: askhat.beisenbekov@kaznu.kz


Zhakupov Abilkair - database administrator of the Al-Farabi Library

email: z.b.ntechnologies@gmail.com

Teachers / Researchers:

Suinova A.T. - Art. Lecturer at the Department of World History, Historiography and Source Studies

Ongarbaeva M.S. - senior lecturer Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies

Dayrabekova G.K. - senior teacher Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies

Iskakova G.N. - senior teacher Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies