Information for applicants



The Faculty of Medicine and Healthcare announces admission to the following undergraduate programs:


6B10107 Public health

6B10103 General medicine

6B10101 Nursing

6B10102 Pharmacy

6B10104 Dentistry

6B10105 Pediatrics

6B01401 Physical culture and sport




FROM JUNE 13 TO JULY 20, 2020.


Required Documents for admitted students:


  • ·           Application form (issued by admission committee)
  • ·           Certificate (attestat) or diploma - original
  • ·           UNT certificate
  • ·           6 photos 3х4 cm
  • ·           Medical certificate of health (form 086)
  • ·           Copy of form 063 (the vaccination card)
  • ·           Results of chest X-ray
  • ·           Copy of military service registration certificate (for boys)
  • ·           2 copies of ID card


To participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant, persons who have passed UNT and scored at least 65 points based on its results are allowed. In this case, for each subject of UNT and (or) creative exam, you must score at least 5 points.


To participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant, shortened training periods (for EP 6B01401 Physical Culture and Sport) are allowed for those who have passed UNT and who scored at least 25 points, including at least 5 points for each UNT subject and (or) a creative exam.


Applications for the creative exam for the educational program 6B01401 Physical education and sport are accepted from June 20 to July 7, 2020.


Creative exam on the educational program 6B01401 Physical culture and sport is held from July 8 to July 13, 2020. (The date and time of conducting creative exams should be clarified by the technical secretary of the Admission Committee)


Admission of documents and a special exam for admission to the EP B086 - General Medicine, B087 - Dentistry, 088 - Pediatrics is carried out at the location of the organization of education in the field of health or medical faculties (departments) from June 20 to July 13 August 24, 2020.


To take special and creative exams, submit the following documents to the admission committee:

1)       document of general secondary or technical and professional, post-secondary education (original);

2)       2 photos 3x4 cm;

3)       ID card (copy);

4)       UNT certificate (if available);

5)       a copy of the document confirming the presence of one of the sports categories and (or) sports ranks established by paragraph 1 of Article 35 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 3, 2014 "On Physical Culture and Sports" (if any).


Creative exams are graded on a 40 point system.

A creative exam with a shortened training period (B01401 Physical Culture and Sport) is assessed using a 20 point system.

A special exam for applicants to the specialties of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, and Nursing is assessed in the form of “admission” or “non-admission”.


The form of special and (or) creative examinations:


Psychometric exam:

В084 Nursing 

B086 General Medicine

B087 Dentistry

B088 Pediatrics


Standards for specialization and General physical training:

6B01401 Physical culture and sport


To enroll in higher education programs, the service recipient presents the service provider (through the Admission Committee) or through the e-government web portal package of documents provided for in paragraph 8 of the state service Standard "“Acceptance of documents and enrollment in higher educational institutions for training in educational programs of higher education”


(full information here, click on the link


Adilova Manshuk +7 747 8123732

Tanysbekova Dinara +77474670975






The Faculty of Medicine and Healthcare conducts admission for educational programs:

Masters programs:

«Public Health» (1-1,5-2 years),

«Medicine (Clinician Scientist)» (2 years),

«Nursing» (2 years),

«Hygiene» (Preventive medicine) (1-2 years),

«Epidemiology» (Preventive medicine) (1-2 years),

«Management in Healthcare» (2 years),

«Pharmacy» (1-2 years),

«Biomedicine» (1-2 years),

«Medical (Clinical) Psychology» (2 years),

«Law in Healthcare» (1 year),

«Management in Healthcare» (1-1,5 years),

«Physical culture and sport» (2 years),

«Sport Management» (2 years).

PhD programs:

«Public Health» (3 years),

«Medicine» (3 years),

«Pharmacy» (3 years),

«Nursing» (3 years)

«Physical culture and sport» (3 years)


Study in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, English


The advantage of studying at al-Farabi Kazakh National University: in the top 200 (165th place) according to QS World University Rankings (2020), in the top 200 eco-friendly and top 50 most technological universities in the world. Al-Farabi KazNU is the leader among the universities of the CIS countries of the Islamic and Turkic world and with AA + rating from the European Chamber of Science and Industry is on a par with leading European universities.


Information for applicants to master's program


Since 2019, according to Order № 600 dated October 31, 2018 “On the Approval of the Model Rules for Admission to Education in Educational Organizations Implementing Educational Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education”, it is necessary to undergo complex testing for admission to the master's program.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, in 2020, applications for complex testing are accepted online (independently) from June 15 to July 15, 2020. This requires:

1)      register on the site

2)      creates a digital passport Digital ID on the site

3)      register and fill out the necessary information for complex testing on the site

At the same time, it is necessary to the applicant to choose a group of educational programs on master's program in accordance with the specialty of higher education. In addition, payment for complex testing is carried out online.

Complex testing is carried out from August 1 to August 15, according to the schedule.


Scale of a 150-point grading system for complex testing in a master's program with the Kazakh or Russian language of studying


Types of test

Tasks form


Number of tests


Minimum score

Foreign Language Test*


Lexical and grammatical test


English / German / French




Learning Readiness Test

with the choice of one correct answer

Kazakh / Russian




Test on the profile of the group of educational programs **

with the choice of one correct answer

Kazakh / Russian




with the choice of one or more correct answers

Kazakh / Russian








Admission to Master’s program on a paid basis

at least 50

On a competitive basis, persons with the highest scores for comprehensive testing are enrolled in the state educational grant

at least 75


Retake of entrance (creative) exams and CT in the year of their taking is not allowed.

Additional information on the documents can be provided at the contacts below.


Information for applicants to PhD program


Submission of documents for admission to PhD programs from July 3 to August 3 to the university admission committee or online by

Required documents for admission to PhD programs:

1) application form addressed to the head of the university (in any form);

2) education document (original, when submitting documents to admission committee);

3) ID card (required for personal identification);

4) electronic certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language (English, German, French): International English Language Tests System (IELTS) at least 5,5), IELTS INDICATOR at least 5,5, Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm (TOEFL ITP) at least 460, Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT) at least 46, Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper-based testing (TOEFL PBT) at least 453, Duolingo English Test at least 85, Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR, at least – В2), Deutsche Sprachpruеfung fuеr den Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau В2/level В2), TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau В2/level В2), Test de Franзais International™ (TFI– at least В2 in reading and listening sections), Diplom ed’Etudesen Langue franзaise (DELF, level B2), Diplome Approfondi de Langue franзaise (DALF, level В2), Test de connaissance du franзais (TCF – at least 50); The authenticity and validity period of the submitted certificates are verified by the admission committee.

5) Medical certificate of health form 086-У in electronic format approved by order No. 907;

6) 6 photos 3x4 cm;

7) a personal personnel record or other document confirming labor activity, certified by the personnel service at the place of work;

8) a list of scientific and methodological works (scientific publications, a research plan, essays and other documents) for the last 3 years;

9) the results of the preliminary selection (in the field of education "Health and social welfare (medicine)"). The documents listed in subparagraphs 4) and 7) are provided in originals and copies, after which the originals are returned to the applicant.


On a competitive basis, applicants who scored at least 75 points on the entrance exam are admitted to the PhD program under the state educational order.

Entrance exams for groups of educational programs for PhD programs are held from August 4 to 20, and admission is until August 28 of the calendar year.



8(747) 461 28 53 Syrlybayeva Gulzhan

8(705) 544 59 30 Krugovykh Ilya