Educational programs


    Employers and graduates help the Department of Management to create the educational programs

    In the new conditions, it is critical for universities to accurately predict the demand for future graduates ' competencies by the real labor market. Academic knowledge of teachers, even the most highly qualified, is not enough for this.

    The Department of Management of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University consistently develops interaction with potential employers — they know exactly what knowledge and skills their employees need today and what they will need tomorrow. It should be noted that employers are representatives of scientific organizations, business structures, and authorities.

     Representatives of professional communities are members of the educational commissions of the department, taking an active part in the development of educational programs. In addition, employers have been involved in the work of state certification commissions for several years, which allows us to objectively assess the level of training of University graduates.


Title of EP






The Department of Management

6B04102 –


Sansyzbayeva A.N

Ametova Zh.A.

Alibekova G. Zh. -

Head of the Department of Information and Implementation of Research Results of the Institute of Economics of the KN MES RK

Shakirova G.A.

General Director of the ID-GROUP Group of Companies

Askerov A.A.

Tyulkubaeva A.K.

Aisa A.A.

Mantai N.U.

7M04112 –


Sansyzbayeva A.N.

Tazhieva S.K.

Baimukhanov E.S.

Head of Risk Management Department, CenterCredit Bank

Asanova A.D.

Taszharganov S.

Zhakhsylykh A.B.

Suleimanova G.A.


International management


Kupeshova S.T.

Kupeshova S.T.

Kusainova A.K. - Director of the School for the Development of Professional HR Competencies "HR SKY"

Sansyzbayeva A.

Duysebayev B.

Maidanov R.B.

D.U.Seitov D.U.

Sofy S.E.

8D04106 – Management

Sansyzbayeva A.N.

Sansyzbayeva A.N.

Aptayeva A. - Director of the recruitment and adaptation department of the HR department of TK Megapolis Kazakhstan LLP

Kenzhegaranova M.K.

Sakharieva A.S.

No set

6B04101 –

State and local government

Smagulova G.S.

Zhumagazieva A.G.

Gani A.A.- Expert of the Department of Innovation Ecosystem, Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Bayarystan G.D. - Akim of the Merken rural district of the Merken district of the Zhambyl region

Mukayev D.T

Abdіgadyr M.A.

Dzhanguzhieva I.N.

Yerbolova A.D.

7М04104 – State and local government

Smagulova G.S.

Ashirbekova L.Zh.

Olzhabay A. - Chief Expert of the Ministry of Industry and Trade -

Turapbai S. - Chief expert of the Department of Analysis and Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Naztai A.

Mirazimov B.

Zhainazar Ә.

Orynbasar N.

8D04103 – State and local government

Smagulova G.S.

Smagulova G.S.

Khamitov A.N. - Director of the Department of Statistics of the Almaty Region

Aliyev M. - Head of the Department of Public Services of the Department

RK Agency for Civil Service Affairs in Shymkent

Spanov M.U. - Director of the RSE Center for Research on Financial Violations, the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zhuparova A. Tagaybekova N.

Sermaғambet Ү.

Nuruly E.

7М04109 - Innovation management

Kunanbayeva D.A.

Dzhulayeva A.M.

Bekbolatova Zerde -

Category manager for the category "Mother and Child" LLP "Europharma" 

Raimbayev A.I.

Zhakypov Zh.

Auezov A.

Bekenova Zh.

8D04105 – Innovation management

Kunanbayeva D.A.

Kunanbayeva D.A.

Kabikenova M.M. - Chairman of the Presidium of the ROO "Union of Professional Managers in Bankruptcy Procedures" Zhetisu ", a practicing administrator for property management and debtor affairs in the field of rehabilitation and bankruptcy of organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zhidenekkyzy A.


Temirova G.

Suyunchaliyeva M.

Pazilov G.A.

Kalmakova D.T.

Dabylova M.I.

Baymukhametova A. Zh. Aitimova D.A.

Akhmetova Z.B.

7М04116 – Project management

Sokira T.S.

Nurseitova G.B.

Tsekhovoy A.F. - President of the Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kanseytova A. Kartashov K.

Galymzhanova A.

Tokenova A.

7M04115 –

International project management (PFUR)

Nurseitova G.B.

Turginbayeva A.N.

Steblyakova A.A. - Executive Director of MAIN International Academy of Informatization

Maidanov R.

Kistaubaeva D.

Nurlanova A.

8D04107 – Project management

Sokira  T.S.

Sokira  T.S.

“Q Bits” Company - Director of Beembet N.K.

Kozhakhmetova A.

Doszhan R.

Akzambekkyzy A.

Zhakupbekova G.E.

7М04107 – MBA

Kupeshova S.T.

Kupeshova S.T.

A. Nogaybayeva - Head of Human Resources Department, Al Hilal Bank

Serikbekuly Askhat

CEO of UP Consulting

Satayeva Z.D.

Alimzhanov N. B.

Sagymbekov Zh.B.

Kabdullin Kh.M.

Tayshibekova A.G.

D. G. Krivosheev

8D041   - MBA

Turginbayeva A.N.

Turginbayeva A.N.

Shakirova G. A. Doctor of DBA,



Asanova B. B.

Kerimkhul L.

Kozhakhmetov A.T.