On May 14, 2020, Al-Farabi Center holds an international online conference on the theme “Heritage of Al-Farabi”, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the great thinker Abu Nasr al-Farabi. The conference will discuss current issues of studying the intellectual heritage of Al-Farabi in the context of the spiritual development of Kazakh society and the challenges of modern times.

Specialists in the field of farabi studies from Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries will take part in the international online conference.

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Forms of participation in the conference:

a) remote participation with a presentation in a panel discussion;

b) participation without a report.


Conference focus areas/sections:

1. Treatises of al-Farabi: Problems of translation of philosophical texts and issues of intercultural communication.

2. From “al-Madina al-Fadila” to Smart City: a modern interpretation of a perfect society.

3. Actual issues of modern Kazakhstan farabi studies.


The terms of participation

To participate in the conference, you must send a completed application form and text of the report to al-farabi@kaznu.kz by May 10th, 2020


Notice: The conference will be held on ZOOM platform.   ID: 401 818 0037



Requirements for the design of the text of the report

Requirements for the design of the report: the volume of 4-6 pages of typewritten text in electronic form. Font Times New Roman, size - 14; line spacing - 1; width alignment; paragraph indent - 1.

The title of the report is typed in the center of the page in bold uppercase. Under it, in the center of the page, the author's full name, first name and patronymic are indicated. The abstract and keywords of the report are drawn up in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The abstract should not exceed 600 characters without spaces.


Abstracts and materials of the conference will be published on the website                                          www.al-farabi.kaznu.kz 



Participant Registration Form


Full name


Academic degree


Name of institution (full), position


Phone number (WhatsApp)