Best teaching practices for the use of distance learning technologies

Dear lecturers and employees!

 In order to improve the quality of education using distance educational technologies through the exchange of experience between university teachers, from February 12, 2021, the Institute of New Educational Technologies launches a cycle of online master classes "Digital Workshop of Lecturer".

In the workshop, we will learn from each other, sharing the best pedagogical practices on the use of digital technologies and tools in teaching students. Together discuss and, if possible, solve our problems.

We hope that our meetings will take place on a regular basis, 2-3 times a month.

The first master class took place on February 12 at 16.00. Instructor - lecturer of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Morugova Elena.

Dear colleagues, if you are implementing effective and interesting practices in working with students, we invite you to share your experience and act as instructors at the next master classes!

We are open to your suggestions and interesting ideas!


Conducted meetings in the digital workshop 

Master class topic

Teacher / faculty

Link to recording

 "Telegram pedagogy"  Seidekhanov S.A.,
Journalism department
 Essay space. Types of educational essays.  Sansyzbaeva S.K.,

faculty of philology and world languages

Working with the Miro / Mindmeister interactive whiteboard

Create an interactive presentation with Canva

Rakhmatullaeva D.Zh.
  Higher School of Economics and Business

Remote knowledge assessment platform "Startexam" 

Dolgikh V.R.,

faculty of medicine and health care

Crossword tasks as a method of developing education. Elements of gamification in the classroom. In the English language.

Morugova E. A.,

faculty of Philology and World Languages

Our contacts

Krugovykh Ilya Igorevich (Marketing Analyst of the Institute of New Educational Technologies). Phone: +7 (705) 544-59-30; e-mail:

We are glad to see you at our master classes as participants and trainers!

Best regards, team of the Institute of New Educational Technologies of al-Farabi University



To ensure high-quality teaching using DOT, we invite each faculty to share the best practices applied by your teaching staff. To create video lectures, guidelines and recommendations, we suggest using a special instruction рус, каз


Faculty of medicine and health care

Faculty of Philology and World Languages

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Факультет востоковедения

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