Master class with Bakyt Kutpanbayev


On 4 November 2019 was a meeting with a director of “Kazak radiolary”. Bakyt Kutpanbayev made a master class for students of Journalism Faculty. He talked about methods of creating news for radio programs and different media text types.



Master class with director of “Mektep” publishing

Yerlan Satybaldyn, the directot of publishing house “Mektep” met young journalists of faculty on 17 January 2020 at Al Farabi Kazakh National University. The guest and all participants discussed themes related to last news in the country and all over the world.




Master class of Koyshybek Mubarak

Lecturer of our journalism faculty, senior teacher Koyshybek Mubarak met with students about discussing newspaper letters and designing it on editing programs. All students participated in given master class was glad to know more about this theme not only theoretically, but also practice it in real life.

The master class was organized by department of Publishing, editorial and design art on 5 December 2019.



“Abai.kz is a portal for future”

On 18 November 2019 there was organized special master class with director of informational portal Abai.kz, Kanat Abilkhair. Famous journalist and editor talked with future journalists about language priority in modern websites and how Kazakh language is becoming more popular rather than several years ago. This master class took lots of information and knowledge form this practical lesson.



Director of “Atamura” corporation met with students

Zharylkasymova Gulbarshyn, vice-president of “Atamura” corporation had a special master class with Journalism faculty students on 10 February 2020. Given meeting took enormous knowledge and emotions for students and for guest herself. Master class was organized and done by department Publishing, editorial and design art of Journalism Faculty at Al Farabi Kazakh National university.