Conference rescheduling letter

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The Organizing Committee of the II International Conference “Respiratory Junction Almaty: Where East meets West” expresses its respect and gratitude for the active and fruitful cooperation with our team in preparing this event.

As you well know, a lot of quality work has been done to prepare our conference, leading speakers on the problem of cystic fibrosis and rare lung diseases have been involved, a program has been worked out, organizational issues for this event have been resolved.

Unfortunately, we are forced to report that due to the epidemic situation and the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (letter No. 16-41375 of February 29, 2020) on preventive measures for the spread of coronavirus, all mass events with international participation have been suspended. In this regard, given the risks, we are currently forced to suspend the preparatory work and postpone the holding of this event for an indefinite period.

We closely monitor the situation with the COVID-19 virus in the world and follow the recommendations of the health authorities. Please be sure that we will take into account all the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan when planning the possibility and timing of the conference.

We remain optimistic about the implementation of our plans for the successful conduct of this event.

We will keep you informed if new information appears on the dates of the conference.


With respect,


Faculty of Medicine and Health Care

Al-Farabi University

MD, Ass. Professor                                                                        Kalmatayeva Zh.A.