Department of General Physics (1934-1962)


The Department of Thermophysics is the successor to the former Department of General Physics, which was organized in 1934 since the establishment of the Kazakh State University. The Department of General Physics is the founder of all the other departments of our faculty.

From 1934 to 1949, the department was headed by its founder, professor V.F. Litvinov is an organizer of research in atmospheric physics in the city of Alma-Ata and Zailiysky Alatau, in 1936 an astronomical observatory was organized at the department, which was later transferred to the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR.

In 1949-1951 The department was headed by Assoc. Yu.A. Sokolov, who made a great contribution to the strengthening and development of the department.


Vulis Lev Abramovich (1912-1973)

In 1951, the department was headed by a student of academician Ioffe A.F., professor L.A., who arrived from Moscow. Vulis is the founder of the scientific school of Kazakhstani physicists working in the field of thermodynamics, thermophysics and gas dynamics. Their scientific topics were united by a common problem - “Investigation of transport processes”, and the department became known as the Department of General and Molecular Physics. More than 40 candidates of sciences, after the departure of Professor L.A. Vulisa in 1962, continued the work he had begun. These are doctors of sciences V.P. Kashkarov, N.D. Kosov, B.P. Ustimenko, K.E. Dzhaugashtin, A.T. Lukyanov, Sh.A. Ershin, Z.B. Sakipov, B.A. Aliyarov, associate professors S.I. Isatayev, V.A. Potseluyko, V.V. Ronzhin, A.T. Trofimenko, T.K. Mironenko, L.Yu. Artyukh and others.